Emmerdale Rosie Bentham says Gabby’s ‘terrified’ as she teases Jamie Tate return

Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham has revealed that Gabby Thomas will go through a terrifying ordeal as she continues to fear that Jamie Tate will return.

Gabby has been on tenterhooks recently after it appeared that she received confirmation that Jamie is in fact still alive and well.

But the young mum will go through a turbulent time in what's expected to be a big week in Emmerdale next week.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other publications, actress Rosie confirmed Gabby will receive a gift which is likely to be from Jamie.

She said: "It is very obvious it is from Jamie and that means that Jamie has been in her safe space which is Home Farm.

"You know he has been wandering around and he's closer than ever so yeah that just tips her over the edge.

"She's 100 percent sure that Jamie is here and Jamie has been in the house, he's coming for me and what can I do."

Discussing her reaction to whether Jamie was to come back, the actress said: "She's terrified him of him.

"She's finally got over her obsession with him in a romantic way. But Jamie coming back will kick off a lot of drama."

Discussing the big week that lies ahead, Rosie revealed that she is excited that she was a part of such amazing scenes.

She added: "It's so different to do stuff I've done before, I'm getting a lot of scenes on my own and they are increasing the fear of paranoia and I think it's going to really have the audience going.

"But yeah, there is a lot of stuff that I've never done before and it was really excited to shoot."

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw has promised an amazing week in Emmerdale which will leave viewers on the edges of their seats

She said: "As well as the week of drama, the week will feature action too, with big stunts that have been really exciting to plan and film.

"We've not done anything like it before, not in the 20 years I've been at Emmerdale and we've had a lot of conversations and scratching of heads on how we can achieve it."

She added: "We had to build a very special prop, which you will see in the episodes.

"We've also used some new very different filming techniques which will make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action and I can tell you it's absolutely terrifying."

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