Emmerdale shock as kidnapper 'to return and confront Dawn Taylor' before wedding

WITH Meena Jutla's imminent return to Emmerdale, Dawn Taylor's wedding is not off to a great start.

But the unexpected return of her ex Alex is leaving fans of the ITV soap dreading the worst as he is determined to see their son Lucas again.

Will Dawn (played by actress Olivia Bromley) ever catch a break?

While Meena is still lurking in the shadows, Alex (Liam Boyle) is another potential threat to her upcoming nuptials.

The newcomer returned to the Dales this week after his botched kidnap attempt of their son Lucas and is now demanding to see him.

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Alex explained to both Dawn that Meena manipulated him into kidnapping Lucas, before being stopped by Billy (Jay Kontzle).

But he was left furious by an unwavering Dawn who insisted they needed to take things slow, only allowing him limited and supervised access to Lucas.

Refusing to give in and after being defended by her fiancé, Dawn came to the conclusion that the conversation was going nowhere and left.

Alex threatened Dawn with legal action, promising that his fight for Lucas was far from over as she told him it would be months before he could see their son.

Could Alex confront Dawn ahead of her wedding?

Emmerdale fans are considering a sinister twist for Alex and Dawn, believing the former to have more than his son on his mind after he was seen looking dodgy.

"I still don't trust Alex", wrote on Twitter user, "I wonder if he's after something?"

A second viewer couldn't help but agree: "I don’t trust Alex."

A third penned: "Alex wants custody so quickly. This shows that he cannot be trusted. Alex seems really angry as well. Dawn does need to speak to the social worker first."

A fourth one chimed in, "It’ll be Alex who breaks into Dawns house and ruins Dawn's wedding dress!"

Alex made an appearance in December 2021 in a bid to prove he had changed enough to have access to Lucas.

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ITV viewers then learned that Alex deliberately got Dawn hooked on drugs, particularly heroin, to stop her from leaving him.

However, this began an uphill battle for Dawn as she nearly died from her drug addiction.

With her life back on track and after becoming Lucas' main guardian again, Emmerdale fans are suspicious of Alex.

But spoilers have already confirmed that sinister nurse Meena (Paige Sandhu) will also be jinxing her nuptials.

Meena has continuously caused trouble in Dawn's life after Billy decided to dump her to rekindle with his former flame.

For now, Meena remains on the run after narrowly escaping justice but is hellbent on revenge.

In upcoming Emmerdale scenes, due on our screens next week, Dawn is left fighting for her life after finding her wedding dress defiled.

But who out of Alex and Meena could be after her?

Emmerdale airs on week nights at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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