Emmerdale spoilers: Jai Sharma and Laurel Thomas’ affair exposed as they are caught romping in the factory

LAUREL Thomas and Jai Sharma’s secret fling will be discovered in Emmerdale next week when they’re caught mid-romp in the factory.

The discovery will come after a close call when Jai’s dad Rishi interrupts the pair as they’re about to kiss. They’re relieved to have escaped being caught out.

Jai – who’s played by Chris Bisson in the ITV soap – and Laurel secretly make dinner plans but Rishi inadvertently puts the brakes on when he insists Jai will have to replace Billy Fletcher as a delivery driver.

An annoyed Jai wants to spend some alone time with Laurel – Charlotte Bellamy – and sends the factory workers on a long lunch.

But when Dawn Taylor arrives unexpectedly back at work, she catches Jai and Laurel together.

Dawn’s livid to discover the pair wrapped around each other as Jai is supposed to have been involved with Harriet Finch.

Laurel tries to explain to Dawn – Olivia Bromley – that Harriet and Jai were never together, leading Dawn to have her suspicions about Harriet and evil dad, Will confirmed.

Will Dawn out Jai and Laurel now she’s found them together?

And where will their relationship go now their secret has been discovered?

Meanwhile, this week, Jai will find himself caught in the crossfire between Harriet and Will when a jealous Will attacks him in the village.

Thinking that Jai has been romping with Harriet, Will gets heavy handed with the businessman, who desperately tries to convince him there’s nothing going on between them.

Elsewhere, Harriet will find it harder and harder to stay away from Will, but will be conflicted telling Laurel there is no way they can be together.

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