Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate takes Gabby Thomas under her wing after catching her setting up Dawn Taylor

KIM TATE takes Gabby Thomas under her wing after the teenager frames Dawn Taylor next week in Emmerdale. 

Wayward Gabby – who is played by Rosie Betham in the ITV soap – will slip Bear’s wallet into Dawn’s bag and get her fired. 

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Viewers will see Jamie finds Bear’s wallet and Jai say he’ll get it back to him. 

When Kim asks Gabby where Dawn is, the teen tries to drop her in it by mentioned she asked to leave early that day, but Jamie quickly jumps in and says she’s gone to a meeting with social services. 

Later, Bear arrives to collect his wallet but is shocked to find it’s gone missing. 

Dawn is stunned when Jai accuses her of stealing it, emptying her bag to prove him wrong. 

But she’s lost for words when the wallet falls out, and gutted when Jai sacks her on the spot. 

Kim watches the incident and notices Gabby looking smug. 

Later, Kim corners Gabby and tells her she’s wiped the CCTV showing she set Dawn up, telling the teenager she has a lot of potential. 

The following day, Jamie tells Kim he’s going back to the vets permanently, offering Dawn a job as the receptionist there. 

Later, Kim accuses Dawn of clinging onto Jamie for money as her dad Will passes by. 

Mack watches with amusement, before exposing Kim and Will's relationship.

Dawn is horrified she’s been lied to and gives Will an ultimatum, telling him to choose Kim or her. 

Meanwhile, Gabby is gutted to see Jamie with Dawn as Kim tells her she’ll be shadowing her from now on.

Emmerdale producer Sophie Roper has confirmed that Gabby will fall pregnant with Jamie’s baby in an explosive upcoming storyline.

She teased: “Tracy and Nate’s due date approaches as we head to the birth. 

“As they adapt to being new parents it will be a real test, pushing them to the limit and Tracy will take the lion’s share. 

“It will also put a spotlight on Nate and Cain. Will they finally bury the hatchet? There’s some really emotional stuff. 

“The pitter patter of tiny feet isn’t just for Tracy – we have another new arrival as Jamie learns that he is going to be a father for a second time after a night with Gabby. 

“As Kim discovers a new heir to the throne, a fight for power will ensue. 

“Gabby will find herself at the centre – will she succumb to the temptations and manipulation at Home Farm?”

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