Emmerdale spoilers: Priya Sharma hiding secret about Kirin – and Charity discovers the truth

EMMERDALE's Priya Sharma is hiding a secret about Kirin and Charity will find out the truth.

The pub landlady wants to adopt her fiance Vanessa's son Johnny and she wants Priya's help to get closer to his father Kirin, the son of her ex-husband Rakesh.

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Charity is able to find out some more information on the Hawksford Outdoor Pursuit manager to help her case due to some assistance from her granddaughter Sarah.

When Nicola King suggests to the teen that Priya knows more than she's letting on, Sarah enacts a plan and Charity soon becomes suspicious of what she is up to.

Soon Sarah climbs into Priya's house through an open window and while searching for clues of Kirin’s whereabouts, Sarah takes Priya’s ring.

She then picks up Al’s laptop bag and finds a gold bracelet, which she also pockets.

Soon Charity gets suspicious when Noah covers for Sarah and she heads off to find her. 

Meanwhile, Priya tells Manpreet she’s heard back from Kirin’s sister and heads out to call her.

A furious Charity arrives at Priya's home and is about to blast Sarah for breaking-in, but when they both hear Priya come through the front door, they rush to each find a hiding place.

Once hidden, they both listen with intrigue to Priya’s phone call with Kirin’s sister. 

Initially, Charity set the wheels in motion to track down Kirin by using her daughter Debbie.

The rest of this week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Tracy tell Charity that she’s around if she ever needs to chat during such a stressful time.

When Charity overhears that Al is stuck in Aberdeen, she spots an opportunity and suggests that she and Priya will make a deal.

She announces that Debbie will sort out his car, if Priya contacts Kirin’s sister.

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