Emmerdale spoilers: Robert is out for revenge as Victoria's rape case is dropped

Isabel Hodgins has warned that her Emmerdale rape storyline is about to get even more complicated as Robert Sugden is hellbent on revenge on his sister’s attacker.

The actress, who plays Victoria Barton, appeared on This Morning to talk about the hard-hitting rape storyline, and Victoria’s decision to keep the baby created by the horrific ordeal.

As brother Robert (played by Ryan Hawley) struggles to come to terms with her decision, his anger and frustration is made worse when he realises that Victoria’s attacker Lee has had all charges against him dropped.

Now, he’s on a mission to bring justice to the violent criminal – but Isabel has warned that’s the last thing her character wants or needs.

‘I know he wants to help, but he’s not doing it in a very good way,’ Isobel explained. ‘He’s like “if I do that, then I will help her” but that’s not what she wants.

‘She just wants to…it happened, she wants to get over it and carry on with her life, but he doesn’t agree with that.’

However, Robert doesn’t see it that way, and soon him and husband Aaron will be taking matters into their own hands as they try and track him down.

‘There’s nothing that can be done, the police said they can’t take it any further, so really it should just be left alone,’ Isabel said.

But as Phillip Schofield said – it’s Emmerdale, so that’s clearly not going to happen.

‘No, no, [it won’t end there],’ Isabel asserted. ‘Robert won’t be told.’

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