Emmerdale spoilers see Chas in danger, Mack makes confession and Samson fuming

Secrets are about to be revealed in Emmerdale next week, leaving certain characters under immense pressure.

Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Chas Dingle will feel the heat as Chloe Harris is on the hunt to find out who was having a sordid affair with Al Chapman before he died.

After initially blaming Priya Sharma, Chloe soon realises that it could be someone else.

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Meanwhile, Chloe finds herself in her own compromising situation when Charity Dingle notices that she is pregnant.

Trying to hide the fact that the father of her baby is Mackenzie Boyd, will Mackenzie decide to tell Charity the truth himself?

Elsewhere, Samson Dingle is left furious with his family when he realises Amelia Spencer along with the rest of the Dingle clang are planning baby Esther's christening.

Chas danger as affair exposed

Chloe is on the hunt to find out who previously had an affair with Al before his death and accuses Priya.

Meanwhile in a prison visitor's room, Cain's furious to see a heartbroken Chas waiting for him and when she talks about missing Al he tells her he wants nothing more to do with her.

Later on, Rishi rushes back inside the cafe after dropping his and granddaughter Amba’s hot chocolate, leaving happy Amba alone with her new mittens.

Seeing Amba alone, Chloe decides to take her back to Keepers leaving Rishi in a state of panic when he realises Amba is missing.

But when Amba is eventually found, Priya is furious to find her with defiant Chloe and tells her to stay away.

The following day, Chloe comes by determined to find out the truth about Al. But Priya proves her innocence by cross checking Al's bank statements.

After clearing up their misunderstanding, Priya is empathetic towards Chloe as she agrees it does look like he was playing away from home. As they talk, Chloe begins to realises that she knows who the other woman is.

Over at the Woolpack, as the door slams open a manic Chloe appears revealing she knows who Al was seeing before he died.

Knowing that her cover could soon be blown, Chas pales hiding her utter panic.

Mack confession

Feeling lonely and isolated about her own dilemma, Chloe tries to talk to Kerry on the phone about her situation.

As she attends her sonogram, the sound of a heart beating fills the room and Chloe is overcome with emotion.

Later on, Charity catches up with Chloe after she noticed that she ordered a soft drink earlier in The Woolpack and tells her she won't reveal her pregnancy secret.

But when they discuss the father of the baby, Chloe begins to tighten.

Not long after Mackenzie has to force himself to remain calm when Charity reveals Chloe is expecting her first child.

When the pair meet up at Keepers, Mackenzie despairs as Chloe confirms the baby is his and she is planning on keeping it regardless of his current situation.

Alarmed by her decision and also startled that Kerry knows the truth, Chloe reassures Mackenzie that she won’t reveal anything but this fails to settle his anxiousness.

Feeling the pressure, Mackenzie later approaches Charity and takes a moment to compose himself.

Urging Charity to take a seat, he stares into her eyes, desperately hoping he's about to do the right thing. Will he tell her the truth?

Samson fumes

Knowing that Samson still wants nothing to do with his baby, Lydia hides items that she’s bought for her. f

Despite the situation, Sam and Lydia are determined to love baby Esther even if Samson can’t.

Later on an unexpected Amelia softens towards Sam and Lydia when she opens their gift for baby Esther.

But when Samson sees Lydia, Sam, Dan, Amelia and baby Esther together in the café, he feels betrayed.

Lydia is determined to make Samson see that Esther is and will be part of their family whether he likes it or not and Amelia is grateful when Lydia offers to organise baby Esther’s christening.

Lydia is happily getting stuck into planning Esther’s christening with Amelia.

Amelia is chuffed with all the fuss and squeezes Noah's hand, who's warmed to realise he's been included in the all the planning.

But as Samson approaches hearing chatter from inside, he is torn to realise he doesn't have a place there.


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