Endeavour’s Shaun Evans explains where he wanted to end series

Endeavour finale sees Sgt Morse sat on a bench in a churchyard with a gun

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Endeavour stars Shaun Evans and Roger Allam made up the detective duo Endeavour Morse and Fred Thursday. The drama series made its debut in 2012, and fans had no idea how the final series would wrap up. In an emotional conclusion, viewers finally got their answers as the character bid farewell to the ITV series. The actor behind the titular character expressed how he had hoped the show would close.

The stories of the crime-solving pair have been a hit with fans since the show came to ITV 11 years ago.

The final episode, titled Exeunt, wrapped up the characters’ stories for good.

In a surprising twist, the duo had to part ways due to a dark ending for Fred, who had killed a biker in order to protect his son, Sam Thursday (played by Jack Bannon).

Once Endeavour realised what Fred had done, he confronted him and the latter was forced to make a decision.

He realised he’d need to go under the radar or else be killed, meaning he and Endeavour had to go their separate ways.

When asked about the last few episodes’ running themes of beginnings and endings, Endeavour actor Shaun explained what he had hoped would happen at the end.

“I think Endeavour’s aloneness and isolation is cemented in this series,” he stated.

“He has felt that way throughout but there has always been a tantalising option dangled right in front of him.

“If he only could reach out and grab it. What we discover in these final three films is that, for one reason or another, he cannot reach out.

“And so his isolation and lonesomeness is completely cemented.

“And that’s where I wanted to leave it. Because then it’s a good place to be picked up again 15 years later in 1987 when the Inspector Morse series with John Thaw started.”

Shaun also paid tribute to his co-star Roger as he reflected on the finale.

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When asked about the final scenes involving the two characters, the actor replied: “The final scenes between Endeavour and Thursday in the pub and then outside the Bodleian Library were shot on separate days.

“Filming the very final scenes on screen between Endeavour and Thursday – myself and Roger Allam were both incredibly clear about where the characters are emotionally at that point.

Viewers tuned into the highly-anticipated last episode had no idea what fate the beloved characters would meet.

Social media responses from Sunday evening suggest most fans were heartbroken to see how things ended up with Endeavour and Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers).

One moving scene filled fans with hope as it showed the two finally sharing a kiss, and fans believed they’d secured a happy ending together.

However, it turns out the scene was playing out only inside Morse’s head.

Several took to social media to express their sadness over the tease and the reality that the two wouldn’t be seeing each other again.

Endeavour is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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