Fern Britton details seeing pixies filming for new show ‘Who knows if it was real!’

Fern Britton recalls ‘seeing pixies’ during walk in Cornwall

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Fern, 64, has been back on-screen recently, entertaining viewers with programmes showcasing the very best of what Britain has to offer. On Thursday nights, the former This Morning host has been taking walks around Cornwall for a Channel 5 documentary series, telling her fans the history of the Southern countryside. However, appearing on Tuesday’s instalment of ITV’s Lorraine, the presenter told Christine Lampard, 42, about something rather magical she saw.

Beginning the interview, Fern said: “I don’t know, I don’t know what I saw but I actually know in my mind I saw this little family of Piskies.

“They were in a hedgerow, walking up a lane in dappled sunshine and I did [have to rub my eyes] and thought, ‘What?’

“They then turned into this family of grouse with a rustic colour and who knows if that was real or not,” she exclaimed.

“But I saw that. That’s weird isn’t it,” she told Christine, who was mesmerised by her interviewee’s sightings.

Pixies aren’t the only magical things the presenter saw in Cornwall as the beaches and historical landmarks of the Southern countryside have made a lasting impression.

Cornwall has a very special place in Fern’s heart as she used to venture to the Southern countryside as a child.

In the 1980s, it was her patch to cover in her role as a newsreader so it has never been far from the presenter’s mind.

This Thursday’s episode will be the conclusion of the two-part series and she will wrap up her tour of the holiday location.

During her interview with Christine, Fern stated she didn’t like using the term “staycation” to describe a visit to Cornwall as she sees it as a “holiday” every time.

That’s weird isn’t it

Fern Britton

Speaking about living in Cornwall all those years ago and more recently, Fern explained: “Living in Cornwall is slower and much funnier than anywhere I have lived.

“I have lived full time in two villages [in Cornwall]. Once in my twenties and now in my sixties. It’s still the same.

“Village life is a gift. A parcel of gossip, history, laughs, gardening, farming and the much-contested Annual Produce show. My Cooking Apples got a first in 2019!”

Asked whether the location has changed much since she first arrived, Fern said she hasn’t noticed much change at all.

Fern Britton recalls presenting bulletins on Cornish mining

The presenter said: “Cornwall hasn’t changed much to me. Some of the roads have got a little wider and there are more homes built.

“But the essence of it is impossible to remove. The sky, the air, the sea. The sounds of gulls and cows,” Fern told Great British Life.

Taking to Twitter, viewers and fans of the former This Morning star have shared their views on the series.

One wrote on the social media platform: “Watching My Cornwall with Fern Britton on @channel5_tv catch-up.”

“Saw many familiar places including my old home and moorland dog walking route, both of which inspired my second novel The Captain’s Daughter,” they continued.

Another posted: “Loved your #Cornwall programme last night [Fern] refreshing viewing,” whilst a third added: “@Fern_Britton lovely to see you on the Tele-box!”

“Loved the programme last night @fern_Britton and @ESDale77. Well done all. Cracking telly,” a fourth remarked.

“Lovely to see @Fern_Britton back on my telly tonight. Cracking programme. 2 episodes clearly not enough. Thank you. #Cornwall #C5,” a fifth commented.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV. My Cornwall with Fern Britton airs Thursday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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