‘F*****g sickening!’ Countryfile backlash as viewers blast deer ‘culling’ segment

Countryfile take a look at venison farming

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Countryfile viewers tuned in on Sunday night to find Adam Henson, reporting on the damage deers can cause to farms. The BBC presenter explained that less venison had been consumed during the coronavirus pandemic, leading to less hunting of deer and an increase in their population. However, when Adam spoke to a landowner who suggested shooting deers to keep the population down, viewers were left outraged.

Viewers soon took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the segment, which proved to be controversial for many.

The Vegan Separatist said: “So this week #countryfile now promoting the shooting of deer from a guy who just happens to sell venison whilst pretending it’s about land management. This programme is f*****g sickening. @BBCCountryfile.”

I.am.phil commented: “#Countryfile the deer are walking around the forests, treading on the floor and nibbling trees – so we’ll have to shoot them and eat them.”

Matt Naylor shared: “My god. Deer causing ‘havoc’ on farms so we need to shoot them. What?

“Havoc is knocking down a few stalks of oil seed rape? Get a life.”

Natalie Bailey shared: “#Countryfile blaming deer for destroying our biodiversity is a bit rich.

“We’ve done a pretty good job of decimating it ourselves.”

Mark Johnson added: “The BBC getting somebody with their own monetary self interest in people eating venison to convince us that we need to shoot and eat deer for their own good. Spectacular b******s. #countryfile.”

The segment had intended to highlight how deer can be troublesome for farmers as they cause damage. However, viewers took this to suggest “culling” was being promoted as a solution.

“@BBCCountryfile any chance of an explanation of why deer numbers have gone through the roof since covid? Or should we just start the cull tomorrow?  #countryfile,” Alby said.

Express.co.uk has contacted the BBC for comment.

More to follow…

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