Five Love Islanders are most likely to have their heads turned as clues exposed

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    The five Love Island stars most likely to have their heads turned, according to an expert… and they might shock you.

    With Love Island finally back on our screens for the first of two expected runs this year, we're already trying to figure out which couples are in it for the long haul.

    But we're only just one week into the second ever winter series, and honestly, anything can change from now until the end of the series.

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    Some of the guys and girls have already had their heads turned, but now things seem to settling down for the couples – which Islanders are most likely to have their heads turned in the weeks to come?

    Relationship expert and senior therapist Sally Baker from Working On The Body exclusively told Daily Star: "It takes confidence to step out of a safe, comfortable coupling and have your head turned," before revealing the five Islanders she thinks will swivel.

    She added that it will be the Islanders who have the most "hutzpah and self-belief" who will have their heads turned.


    Sally believes that Adam Collard lookalike Kai might be one of the top five she thinks could have a change of heart at some point during his stay in the South African villa.

    She explains that his "early experience of interest from several girls vying for his attention may have given him an inflated sense of his appeal", and therefore could change his mind if the right bombshell walks in.

    Speaking about his most recent recoupling with Anna-May, Sally says that it won't be a happy coupling.

    "Kai just doesn’t look convinced and even though he was worried Tanyel might have been too fiery for him.

    "[But] I think Anna-May isn’t going to hold his attention for long," she revealed.


    Sally described Ron as "the boy next door" and an "innocent type", but all of this changed when he shifted his sights from Lana to hot bombshell Zara.

    "Now he’s thinking anything is possible," Sally explains while putting Ron in the group of five most-likely to have their heads turned.

    After saying that he was putting all of his focus into Lana, Tanyel stole him during the recoupling, but Sally urges that they "need to move on as a matter of urgency".


    27-year-old ring girl and actress Olivia has already had deep conversations with many of the boys in the villa.

    Coupling up with farmer Will in the beginning, she was then stolen by bombshell Tom before recoupling with Harris.

    But it isn't Olivia's erratic coupling history that leaves Sally believing she'll have her head turned at some point.

    She tells us: "Olivia is one of the older girls in the Villa. She’s beautiful and accomplished. Her back story and ambition make her pretty unstoppable."


    Beautiful blonde Lana, 25, seems a little lacking in self-confidence, but with the right attention from the right guy, could she "exact her revenge" on Ron?

    "Lana and Ron were looking solid before the bombshell arrived," Sally told us, adding that proving their commitment will take longer than a week to build."

    But as soon as Zara was mentioned and Lana discovered she was a model, her confidence deteriorated, leaving her and Ron as a couple, vulnerable.

    But after Ron told Lana that he was investing all of his time in her and Lana thanked him, Tanyel then recoupled with him, leaving Lana in a friend couple with farmer Will.

    Although Ron and Lana are likely to keep things going, Sally thinks Lana will get revenge at some point.

    "Lana the original first and only blonde in the Villa was let down by Ron and will exact her revenge in due course," she told us.


    Things seemed great for Shaq and Tanya before bombshell David arrived, but now he's out of the picture, could the airport security officer be in with a chance?

    Sally explained to us that although he claims to be ready for a wife, he could "definitely" have his head turned at some point.

    "Shaq says he’s ready to settle down and is looking for a girl to vibe with.

    "We’ve yet to see him really graft but when he does he could definitely be up for having his head turned," Sally explained.

    Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX (with Unseen Bits airing on Saturdays).


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