Funeral gatecrasher reveals he’s paid up to £10k to get revenge beyond the grave

A man who has dubbed himself "the funeral wrecker" has revealed that he is paid up to £10,000 to gatecrash services to get revenge beyond the grave.

Private investigator Bill Edgar appeared on Good Morning Britain today and revealed that he had been asked to expose attendees' secrets and even asked people to leave.

He also said that he had, in the past, been dressed as Matt Lucas and Homer Simpson.

Speaking via videolink from Brisbane in Australia, he told hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray that he became a 'funeral wrecker' when a terminally ill man asked him to expose some home truths at his funeral.

The man had also told him to ask certain people to leave.

"He didn't want his brother there and he didn't want his sister-in-law there. He hadn't seen them in over 30 years so why would they attend his funeral," he explained. "We never know who's going to turn up to our funeral and it's all pre-arranged or arranged by other people so this was his way of saying, basically, see you later."

During the funeral, the man's best friend was also reading a eulogy which he interrupted.

"His so-called best mate was reading the eulogy at the time I interrupted," he said. "I read out that his best mate had tried to basically coerce his wife into having an affair. She rejected this but he knew all about this."

Bill added that funerals were for "pay respects but no one's really respecting the dead".

However he said that it wasn't all about criticising and sometimes included "beautiful" confessions.

"To stand there and to be able to interrupt a service or eulogy – everybody, like I say, speak about the person that's there and it's always nice and good about that person," he said. "But sometimes it might not be."

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