GMB sparks uproar as host in Australia after climate change chat

GMB: Laura Tobin mocked for not 'keeping it brief'

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On Monday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, weather presenter Laura Tobin spoke to hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid about her recent trip to COP27. During their discussion, she spoke about some of the decisions that were made at the environmental event. Although viewers have slammed the show for “hypocrisy” as Andi Peters was then shown hosting in Australia.

On Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain, Laura  was back in the studio following her recent trip to COP27 in Egypt.

The 41-year-old had gone to the United Nations Climate Change Conference where governments from across the globe come together to discuss the global efforts needed to confront the climate crisis. 

Speaking to hosts Susanna and Richard, the weather presenter informed them of what she had learnt during her time at the event along with some of the decisions that were made.

After she had finished her segment, the show then cut to Andi who was live from Australia to tell viewers about ITV’s latest competition.

It wasn’t long before people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the show speaking about climate change and then showing a member of the cast in a different country.

Zampa71057993 said: “Hypocrisy of GMB,@Lauratobin1 telling us about the importance of climate change and what we need to do, then you send @andipeters to Australia for a competition.”

Philgbailey added: “Sick and tired of @GMB hypocrisy, always highlighting climate issues yet again sending @andipeters to Australia to promote a competition. 

“Plus @richardmadeley1 criticising @GaryLineker for reporting from Qatar saying he could report from U.K.yet @GMB sent a reporter there.”

“So Laura. Please explain if you think unnecessary flying is killing the planet why is Andy peters in Australia flogging a competition for a company he owns? Do you not get the hypocrisy at @GMB and why no one listens to you,” swiped Ragnar23395466

Shafz15 said: “@GMB sick of your hypocrisy, just constant negativity.”

Greg_1066 added: “Why couldn’t Laura Tobin tell us about the COP conference from the studio instead of flying to Egypt? So much hypocrisy from GMB too. Practice what you preach.”

In response to a video of Laura speaking about climate change, Twitter user Beachjunkey said: “And Andi Peters this morning is in Sydney Australia. Promoting prize giveaway.”

When speaking to Richard and Susanna, Laura said: “There was one big success point which was this loss and damage is included.

“We spoke about it last week and there was a lot of frustration I think from the British audience that says, ‘Why should we, when we’re in the middle of a crisis, be giving money elsewhere in the world?’

“But, we started polluting first, it’s so important for us to help those already affected by climate change.

“To adapt to what’s happening and have money for the future.”

Laura told the two hosts that during her time at COP27 she spoke to the Pakistani climate minister about the devastating floods that are currently happening there.

The show then cut to a pre-recorded clip from last week of Sherry Rehman speaking to Laura at COP27.

She said: “Those who have been polluting for years, big emitters and continue to do that, now have to find some kind of means to ensure that the nation, states and communities that are most vulnerable and are not big emitters are able to survive this kind of dangerous decade.”

Laura told viewers when Sherry spoke about the floods she had tears in her eyes as she never thought she’d see that in her lifetime.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays on ITV from 6am

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