GMB’s Richard Madeley has unexpected connection to I’m A Celeb’s Sue Cleaver

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    Good Morning Britain hosts Richard Madeley revealed his shocking connection to I'm A Celeb star Sue Cleaver.

    During her exit interview, Richard shared that Sue's half-sister, Emma, is the godmother to Richard's children.

    The surprising news of Richard and Sue's family ties comes after the Coronation Street actress got personal about her real mother while in the Australian jungle.

    Sue revealed to her campmates that she was adopted and didn't meet her birth mother until her early twenties.

    The actress explained that while in the jungle she felt comfortable enough to tell her story.

    "You know me Richard, I'm normally a very private person, she told Richard and his fellow hosts Richard Arnold and Susanna Reid.

    "But I felt so comfy in there with those people", she continued.

    Sue went on to describe the toll being in camp can have on you and admitted that despite previously being an "armchair critic", she now knows how hard it can be.

    "I've watched from the show from the beginning, I've been the biggest armchair critic but when you're in there you're sleep deprived, it's very disorientating" she explained.

    Sue continued: "It's the constantly being on high alert and not being in control that gets you. But the camp life i absolutely loved."

    Digging for more on Sue's experience, Susanna asked whether the campmates knew what time it was, but Sue admitted that telling time was a challenge.

    Sue revealed her hack, saying: "You're literally looking at the sun and tryna figure out what time of day it is".

    Looking back on some of her funnier moment in the jungle, Sue told Good Morning viewers that they'd learned something new about the actress thanks to her candidness in camp.

    She confessed: "One thing the world will realise is that I don't have a filter, you completely forget that the cameras are there".

    Sue became the third celebrity to be evicted from the Australian jungle following the public vote.

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