Gogglebox's Amy Tapper insists she's 'always been a healthy eater' as she hits back at claims she binges on chocolate

GOGGLEBOX star Amy Tapper has insisted she's "always been a healthy eater" as she hits back at claims she binges on chocolate.

The 21-year-old asked fans to reveal their assumptions about her in an Instagram Q&A.

After one claimed "you constantly eat chocolate", Amy said: "I feel like this is probably the assumption I was most expecting, not going to lie.

"This is so false. One, I'm not a chocolate fan at all.

"Two, I've always been a somewhat healthy eater. I guess my body has just grown in different ways.

"Some people are ultra slim and can't put on weight even though they eat so much and I just find it very hard to lose weight.

"I have a metabolism that's the speed of a snail so even if I eat a salad it takes me about a week to burn off.

"But I've also been on and off diets since I was about eight years old so I've grown up just constantly not being allowed chocolate and things like that so I'd say this is false."

Amy – who found fame with her family as professional couch potatoes on Gogglebox – lost three and a half stone last year.

She said her weight loss journey was triggered by one "embarrassing" incident on a family trip to Disneyland.

"Whenever I was on a plane I’d have to ask for an extension for my belt," Amy told the Daily Star.

“I was so embarrassed about it, I’d always book an aisle seat so I didn’t have to ask in front of a stranger.

“And then when I went to Disney with my family, me and my dad had to sit in a different row on a ride because we needed bigger seats," she said.

“When things like that happen it’s horrible. It makes you feel like you’re not normal.”

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