Here's how Lucifer and Decker's relationship can survive in season 5

Lucifer would just not be Lucifer without our beloved Deckerstar ship that, for one reason or another, never quite seems to set sail the way we want.

With season five still unconfirmed (though come on, guys, we all know it’s happening), we’ve been dying to figure out just exactly what is going to happen with Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker.

So we went to an expert to ask their opinion on the matter.

***Warning: Contains season four spoilers from now on***

It’s never the greatest start to a new relationship when your new love is forced to leave you in order to fulfil his obligations as the King of Hell, right after he tells you he loves you.

(Don’t worry Chloe, it happens to the best of us.)

So can Detective Decker and the fallen angel make it work?

Well, according to Zoe Coetzee, in-house relationship psychologist for EliteSingles, they absolutely can – though it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

‘I think approaching it as a long-distance relationship would be their best option initially,’ Zoe told ‘This could provide a framework for them to continue their relationship, while Lucifer works out how to manage hell and reconcile it with a life on earth.’

And who’s the best person to help facilitate this? Well, Lucifer’s long-suffering brother, Amenadiel, of course.

The expert tells us: ‘In practical terms, they could communicate through Amenadiel passing messages – a celestial version of WhatsApp – and Lucifer could come to earth to visit Decker.’

But once the dust has settled, Zoe is quick to add that Chloe is going to have to make some more adjustments (after getting her head around the fact that she’s literally in love with the Devil himself).

‘Decker would need to accept that Lucifer has certain responsibilities and a burden to bear in being the ruler of hell, and Lucifer would need to be able to support Decker in her human life on earth,’ Zoe explained.

‘This could take the form of Lucifer power sharing the rule of hell and spending time on earth, so they could be together.’

‘But the most important thing for their relationship to grow is making a commitment to each other and being willing to put their hearts on the line,’ she adds.

‘With that in place, together they can create the circumstances for their relationship to succeed.’

After five, long years for fans, viewers were heartbroken when Lucifer (Tom Ellis) admitted that in order to truly keep Chloe (Lauren German) and her daughter Trixie safe, he would need to return to the underworld.

As a prophecy forewarned that him meeting his first love could bring evil into the world, Lucifer confessed his love for the smart-witted Detective after she got there first.

Torn into two literally different worlds, Lucifer went back to Hell to face his responsibilities, heartbroken, as a shattered Chloe was forced to remain on Earth.

But whoever said the path of true love was meant to run smoothly?

Lucifer seasons one, two and three are available on Amazon Prime Video, and season four is available on Netflix.

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