Holby City’s Nic Jackman opens up on cruel ‘hate mail’ over Cameron Dunn role

Holby City's Nic Jackman has revealed that he's received 'hate mail' for playing the evil doctor Cameron Dunn.

Cameron regularly enrages viewers of the BBC soap with his twisted antics on the Darwin Ward, but Nic has said sometimes fans take his acting too seriously.

When asked about the response he receives from viewers and fans, Nic admitted it can sometimes be 'challenging' and 'intense'.

He told Daily Star Online exclusively: "Online or through posts, through letters, you can get quite harsh things said about you and you just want to say 'its not me, it's my character'.

"That's the biggest challenge."

The soap star continued: "Certainly from Zav's death there's been such a huge response and it just shows how invested the fans of the show are and how loyal the viewers are, but it can be quite intense."

Nic did however confirm that most of the time he gets plenty of positive feedback from his fans.

He added: "Often if you see someone in the street and they say hello it is kind of, everything quite nice and it's nice to have that interaction."

Nic also spoke about what it's like as an actor to play Cameron, who has changed so much on the show over the years.

He said: "It's something to really get me teeth into. There's challenges there because it's someone so far away from who I am.

"It's a gift to me in that sense, and what a ride he's gone on from the days when he was a guest character… to now being involved in people's deaths and playing God and you know putting patients at risk to make himself the hero. It's quite a ride."

Holby City bosses recently revealed that the soap has ran out of episodes to air due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The BBC show's official Twitter shared a statement with their 61.7k followers, just before last week's final episode.

It read: "We'll be off air for a while after tonight's episode. We're already filming again and will be back later in the year!", adding a blue heart to the end of their tweet.

Holby City airs Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One

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