Holly Willoughby tells Alison Hammond off as she pronounces Maura Higgins’ name wrong twice – The Sun

HOLLY Willoughby snapped at Alison Hammond on today's This morning after she pronounced Maura Higgins' name wrong.

Excitable Alison surprised a viewer by turning up on her doorstep and asking her a series of questions for cash.

But the Irish Love Islander's name ruined her flow.

Alison fired away: "This for £1,000. We had Curtis and Moira from Love Island on the show today, but which popular celebrity dancing talent show…"

Back in the studio, a frustrated Holly could be heard calling out "Maura".

Alison heard the prompt because she tried to make amends, but got the name wrong again.

The camera showed Holly and Phil in the studio is disbelief, with Holly squealing: "She's done it again."

While Phillip said: "It's Maura!"

Earlier in the show Maura and Curtis Pritchard gave their first joint interview and revealed they have still not made things official.

Asked by hosts Phillip and Holly if they are boyfriend and girlfriend yet, the islanders explained they have not had that conversation.

Looking slightly uncomfortable, Curtis said:  "You have caught me off guard! I am really happy but I haven’t asked her to be my girlfriend yet. I am not going top do it on TV. It will be a private thing. I am quite old fashioned."

Referring to his couple swapping on the show, Maura interjected: "You weren't old fashioned in the villa!"

Pushed by Phil and Holly about whether they wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend, the pair admitted they did.

"I would yeah," said a clearly embarrassed Curtis.

"Yeah, course," added Maura.

While they may not yet be official, the twosome revealed that things have been going swimmingly since returning to the UK.

"It's really really good," explained Maura. "We have actually not had one argument since leaving the villa."
Seconded Curtis: "We are going fantastic. "

They added that the relationship is "easier" in the real world because they aren't spending 24/7 together.

"It's good because then you have to miss someone," said Maura.

As for the speculation doing the rounds that the pair have split, they hit back at the rumour mill.

"It’s just because we don’t put everything on social media," Maura said of why people think they aren't together anymore. "We don’t have to prove that we are together and happy."

In another awkward moment later in the interview, Curtis was quizzed on his comments about his sexuality.

"It’s 2019. Nobody needs to be putting labels on anything," he insisted. "My goal in life is to be happy. This girl makes me happy. Everything is perfect right now."

Asked how she felt about his revelation that he could one day end up with a man, Maura added: "I am happy too. I am happy that he is happy."


But while the pair smiled and held hands in front of the cameras, many viewers weren't buying the exchange or their romance and took to twitter to brand them 'fake'.

One viewer posted: "@thismorning pretty obvious to me these idiots aren't together. Nothing there. All show."

A second said: "Maura sooooo doesn’t want to be Curtis’ girlfriend."

A third wrote: "Maura and Curtis still aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend?? Fakeeeeee."

Added a fourth: "Maura and Curtis are on This Morning and genuinely sat further apart than Holly and Phil."

And a fifth commented: "Maura knows Curtis is gay and is staying with him to hide his sexuality until he’s ready to reveal it #thismorning."

Maura and Curtis's relationship has been dogged by talk that it's a sham ever since they left the villa.

As the Sun Online previously revealed, the duo only spent four days together in the two weeks after the show wrapped.

This week they stepped out together for the launch of Maura's Boohoo campaign at London's Sushi Samba and put on a united front as they posed for pictures

Last week, Maura shared another cosy snap with Curtis on a date night to silence any split rumours. 

The couple enjoyed a rare yet romantic date night at Sheesh in Chigwell on Monday night, after being plagued by speculation they have broken up just weeks after leaving the villa.

Curtis further hit back at break up rumours as he shared a video of Maura in bed, although he had to leave her to go to work.

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