Hollyoaks horror as Donna-Marie Quinn overdoses on drugs bought from Jordan – The Sun

DONNA-MARIE Quinn has ONLY just returned to Hollyoaks village but is in danger of dying from an overdose next week.

The prostitute, who has battled with drug and alcohol addiction her whole life, was recently cleared of Mac Nightingale's murder.

Donna-Marie was locked away for one of Breda McQueen's many murders – but since returning to the village she has decided that she wants to start a fresh and move away from the drama.

After finding out that James and Marnie had framed her to get sent down, the prostitute decided that she wanted to leave the village for good with her teenage daughter.

However, James, who is played by Gregory Finnegan, has tried his best to stop the two from fleeing Chester by telling her awful things about herself as a mother to Juliet.

Donna-Marie, who is played by Lucy-Jo Hudson, 35, took the harsh words to heart and after bumping into her dealer – things start to escalate quickly.

She went on to buy supplies from the village dealer Jordan Price – and will end up in an unresponsive state on the floor of the Nightingale house.

It comes after the soap launched a major storyline about drug dealing when hit our screens late last year. 

The soaps flash-forward episode revealed that the village will be terrorised by drug dealers over the next year and at the end of it one person will die.

The storyline has began to explore the devastation of drug dealing in small towns and villages – emphasising the problem that County Line gangs from major cities target young people and vulnerable adults to sell their drugs.

The soap boss Bryan Kirkwood told Digital Spy: "In 2020, we want to explore what happens when the Hollyoaks community – and the school in particular – comes under threat from County Lines drug dealers.

"We kick it off in quite an ambitious way in our New Year special, which is an hour-long episode. It shows three different New Year parties.

"You'll see the mums, as Nancy is throwing a party. The older teens – Romeo, Tom, Peri, and Yazz – are having a party of their own. You'll see the younger teens like Charlie, Ella and Leah too.

"Across each of the parties, we flash forward to New Year's Eve next year to see some of our best-loved characters in really dramatic and surprising situations, a whole 12 months in advance.

He added: "We're really excited about that. It's terrifying, as we'll need to make sure we've got all of the cast in the right place in 12 months' time! One of the most traumatising things is anybody changing their hair!

"But what it gives us is a really hard-hitting look at the future."

Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following at 7pm on E4

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