Hollyoaks Later spoilers: Breda attacks Mercedes with a pitchfork as Tony fights to finally escape serial killer

HOLLYOAKS Later is back on 6 January – and it’s going to be terrifying as serial killer Breda plans to murder TWO victims.

The late-night spin off will see Mercedes, John-Paul and Goldie grow suspicious of Breda – and Tony finally getting a chance to escape the pig farm.

But with Breda backed into a corner and desperate to avoid getting caught, she’s ready to lash out – and attacks Mercedes.

The drama kicks off when John-Paul tells his sister to check Breda’s pig farm for clues – and she stumbles across imprisoned Tony, who’s been in a cage there for weeks.

As Mercy tries to free Tony, Breda attacks her with a pitchfork and manages to trap her in the cage too.

We already know that the pig farm catches fire – and as Breda plans to flee the country, she leaves Mercedes and Tony to burn.

Will John Paul be able to get to Mercedes – as the only person who knows where she is?

We’ll also see Sylver and Goldie in the firing line as they become more suspicious of Goldie's mum’s actions. Would she really murder her own family?

David Tag, who plays Sylver, has hinted the late night special involves “a lot of blood”, telling Digital Spy: "I'm very heavily involved in it. It focuses on my storyline a lot. I'm really, really excited and honoured that they've written me into it so much.

"I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say, but it's big and it revolves around the McQueens a lot.

"There's a lot of violence. The rules are very different at that time of night. There's going to be a lot of blood – some coming from me, some coming from other people."

Hollyoaks Later is on E4, 9pm, 6 January

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