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HOLLYOAKS actress Sarah Jayne Dunn has dropped a dress size in just ten weeks after embarking on a weight-lifting programme.

The 38 year-old has gone from a size eight to a size six in a bid to transform her body ahead of turning 40.

Sarah, who has played Mandy Richardson in the Chester-based soap on and off since 1996, once feared the big 4-0, but now couldn't be happier with her new leaner, more toned look.

The mum of three year-old Stanley said: “I used to fear getting older and turning 40 and after I had a baby people were saying ‘oh that’s it now’ – I didn’t want to have a baby and never get my body back."

As a result, Sarah started training at Ultimate Performance gym in Cheshire, ahead of her wedding to personal trainer Jon Smith last May.

And after loving the results, she signed up to the gym's online LiveUP Bikini Body Plan this February.

Now sporting a six pack, Sarah said: “I did a programme at Ultimate Performance for my wedding and loved it, and at the beginning of this year, I was already training but I felt like I wanted to get leaner and be at my best and challenge myself even further."

“It’s a nightmare to organise anything but this programme fit around my schedule and my goal to build muscle."

Sarah did three one-hour weight training sessions a week, combined with walking 12,000 steps a day and squeezing in two cardio sessions to boot.

“The gym is my release and it works wonders, and within five weeks I was happy with my progress," she revealed.

“I have now managed to reduce my body fat from 26 per cent to around 16 per cent."

And, as an added bonus, she feels healthier and less exhausted too.

“I’m not lethargic any more," Sarah explained. "I used to feel drained in the afternoons and need a coffee but now I have more energy to play with my son and do more family things at the weekend.”

Diet-wise, Sarah, who says she is now healthier than she was in her 20s, sticks to protein-rich breakfasts like three egg omelette with spinach, ham and tomatoes.

For lunch, she enjoys tuna and salad and for dinner, salmon stir fry with brown rice, while snacking on protein shakes.

Sarah had a slight set back three weeks into training when she broke her elbow but her programme was adapted so she could continue to train while letting her injury heal.

"It has boosted my confidence," smiled Sarah. "I feel much more comfortable in my clothes."


  • For more information on Sarah's LiveUp Bikini Body plan, go to: https://ultimateperformance.com/liveup-bikini-body-plan-for-women/

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