Hope forces dead weasel to bite her in bizarre Coronation Street scenes

Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) was out for revenge in tonight’s Coronation Street following the death of her pet, Cilla the Chinchilla.

In truly devastating scenes, Cilla was murdered last week by Peanut, Beth (Lisa George) and Kirk’s (Andy Whyment) dog.

While the aftermath tonight saw Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Beth discuss keeping dangerous pets, Hope’s focus was on something a little darker.

After ignoring Sam’s (Jude Riordan) point that forgiveness can help someone move forward, Hope asked him to steal Vin Diesel – the stuffed weasel from the barbers.

In the ginnel, Hope took the stuffed animal and told Sam to leave.

In quite bizarre and uncomfortable scenes, Hope then placed the teeth on her skin, pressing hard until blood was drawn.

Then, all it took was a bit of slight of hand from Hope while in Victoria Garden with Beth, and the lie that Peanut bit her had begun.

As Tyrone (Alan Halsall) took Hope to hospital, Fiz debated whether or not to contact the police.

She concluded that it would be best to alert the authorities, telling a devastated Beth and Kirk that she couldn’t bare it if Peanut injured another child.

Caught in another one of her lies, Hope’s stories are slowly getting more and more dramatic.

Maybe she has spent too much time listening to those John Stape tapes after all…

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