How many children does Jeff Bridges have?

JEFF Bridges is from a family of top Hollywood actors.

The legend has three lovely daughters with his wife Susan, but none of them have chosen to follow in their father's acting footsteps.

How many children does Jeff Bridges have?

 Isabelle Bridges

Isabelle, 39, is the eldest Bridges daughter.

She lives in Oakland with her husband and two children.

Isabelle works as a facilitator, acting to empower mothers. She has written a children’s book called Daddy Daughter Day, in which her father's illustrations are featured.

Isabelle met her husband, Brandon Boesch, when they were both students and says it was "love at first sight".

 Jessica Lilly Bridges

Jessie Bridges, 37, has inherited her father's musical capabilities and is a talented singer-songwriter.

Jessie has opened shows for her father and his band.

She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she performs live gigs.

Haley Bridges

Haley, 35, is the youngest of Jeff's daughters.

She works as an interior designer in Santa Barbara. On her Instagram page, Haley writes:  "I love design and living in one of the most beautiful cities."

It is not known if Jessica or Haley have children.

Does Jeff Bridges have any grandchildren?

Yes, Jeff is now a grandfather!

His daughter 39-year old daughter Isabelle, gave birth to her first child, Grace Louise Boesch, on March 31, 2011.

They also have a younger son.

Who are Jeff Bridges' other famous family members?

Lloyd Bridges

Jeff Bridges' father Lloyd was a prolific actor and appeared in more than 150 feature films.

Lloyd was best-known for his role in Sea Hunt, an action adventure television series.

He also appeared in classic films, such as Home of the Brave, High Noon and Airplane!

He was also a two-time Emmy Award nominee and earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994.

Beau Bridges

Beau, Jeff's brother is a highly esteemed actor.

He has won three Emmy awards, two Golden Globes and one Grammy Award.

 Beau's best-known role is alongside his brother Jeff as one of The Fabulous Baker Boys. 

He has also starred in The Landlord, The Other Side of the Mountain, Greased Lightning and Norma Rae.

Jordan Bridges

Jordan is the son of Jeff's brother Beau.

He acted in Dawson's Creek back in 2001 and ia known for his role in the movie Drive Me Crazy.

Jordan also starred in TV series Gone.

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