How many episodes in The Undoing?

NICOLE Kidman and Hugh Grant have got fans hooked on their new thriller series, The Undoing.

With it's gripping storyline about murder, combined with tantalising sexual tension, it's no wonder fans are keen to know how many episodes there are in the series.

How many episodes are in The Undoing?

There are six episodes in the series.

The Undoing airs on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

US viewers can watch new episodes on HBO every Sunday at 9pm ET.

In the UK it is also available to watch on Now TV, with an episode dropping each week after it has aired in the US.

What happened in the first episode of The Undoing?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from episode one of The Undoing

Grace Fraser is a successful therapist who lives in New York City with her husband Jonathan, an oncologist, and their young son Henry, who attends the elite Reardon School.

Grace helps some of the other Reardon parents plan an auction event, where she meets an enigmatic woman named Elena.

Grace continues to encounter Elena over the next several days: once in a gym bathroom, where a fully nude Elena approaches her and remarks on her "kindness," and later at the auction itself, where Grace finds Elena crying in the bathroom and consoles her.

As she leaves the event, Elena kisses Grace on the lips in the elevator. The next day, Elena's corpse is discovered in her studio by Elena's young son, also a Reardon student.

The police rule the case a murder and question Grace and her friends – with Elena's husband noted as a potential suspect.

Grace attempts to reach Jonathan, who is supposedly at an oncology conference in Cleveland, but finds that he has left his smartphone at their apartment.

Unable to trace her husband's whereabouts, Grace becomes paranoid and experiences visions of the scene of Elena's murder.

When will The Undoing end?

The show will come to an end in the UK on Monday November 30, 2020 on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

In the US it will air the day before on HBO at 9pm ET.

After this date, in the UK, you will then be able to stream the entire series on Now TV until December 30, 2020.


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