Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in ‘Deadpool 3’ Is Different from the One that Died in ‘Logan’

Wolverine is back from the dead…sort of.

After the news broke that Hugh Jackman will be reprising his iconic role as X-Men superhero Wolverine for “Deadpool 3,” lead star Ryan Reynolds confirmed that the MCU installment will be a “totally separate thing” from 2017’s “Logan,” during which Wolverine died.

Jackman admitted that he “had a lot of questions” about his character’s return, to which Reynolds explained the canon. “‘Logan’ takes place in 2029. Totally separate thing,” Reynolds said in a new promotional video. “Logan died in ‘Logan.’ Not touching that. What actually happens in our film is these two fucking guys…” before the audio cuts out.

Reynolds concludes, “Thank you, Kevin Feige!” Jackman adds, “Thank you, MCU!”

“Deadpool 3” marks the wisecracking antihero’s first appearance in the MCU after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. The film is being written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who have both assured fans that Deadpool being under the Disney umbrella hasn’t affected the franchise’s famously adult humor.

“They’ve been very supportive with regard to that,” Reese explained. “Now when it comes to a particular joke, if we cross a line, maybe we’ll hear at some point, ‘Maybe not that joke.’ But I think they’ve been incredibly supportive of what we’re doing, because obviously we were doing it separate from them for a long time, and I think they’ve seen the success and they’ve had their own even greater success. So hopefully it’ll be a marriage made in heaven. But we’ve definitely got their support, and that’s a great thing to feel.”

“Deadpool 3” will be released September 6, 2024 in theaters.

James Mangold, who helmed “Logan” and “The Wolverine,” responded to the “Deadpool 3” Wolverine reveal by sharing a GIF of Wolverine’s death scene in “Logan,” to which fans speculated was a dig at the revival of the character.

“Oh my gosh! Everybody chill,” Mangold later tweeted. “Just kidding! I’m all good! ‘Logan’ will always be there. Multiverse or prequel, time warp or worm hole, canon or non-canon or even without a rationale, I cannot wait to see what madness my dear friends Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman cook up!”

“Deadpool 3” will premiere September 6, 2024 in theaters.

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