I'm A Celebrity 2021: Naughty Boy tells fellow celebrities he will LEAVE the castle after final Bushtucker trial

NAUGHTY Boy has revealed to his fellow celebritie that he will QUIT the castle after his final Bushtucker Trial.

The music producer has had a difficult time adjusting to camp life this week – and locked horns with Frankie Bridge in a tense debate over rice pudding.

Now, the 36-year-old has told his campmates that he plans to leave Gwrych Castle after admitting he felt his "time was done" on the ITV show.

"I want to make tonight a special night as I will be leaving in the morning," Naughty told his co-stars Snoochie Shy, Matty Lee and Danny Miller.

"I just think my time here is done," he continued of his decision to leave the castle. "At some point you have to do what is best for you."

It comes after Nasty and Loose Women star Frankie, 32, clashed over the cooking in camp on Thursday night – leaving her in tears.

The music mogul then had to take part in a terrifying Bushtucker Trial, where he failed to bring home the bacon for his fellow celebs.

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  • Jessica Lester

    Ball games

    The camp have come up with a fun game to pass the time.

    They've made a volleyball out of old rice packets.

    "Castle volleyball is the new craze here," diver Matty Lee told viewers. "It's the only thing we do that fully takes my mind off what we're actually doing."

  • Jessica Lester

    The "easiest trial ever"?

    Fans aren't impressed by the latest Bushtucker Trial, Creepy Closet.

    They've taken to Twitter to complain that it was FAR too easy for music producer Naughty Boy.

    "That was a ridiculously easy task, could not have made it any easier," one wrote, as a second chimed in: "That was the easiest trail I’ve possibly ever seen !?"

    ""hy have they made this insanely easy for him?" a thrid said.

  • Jessica Lester

    Will he still leave?

    Huge success for Naughty Boy! His spirits are running high, at last.

  • Jessica Lester

    He's only gone and done it!

    We can't believe it! Naughty Boy's got the eleven stars!

  • Jessica Lester

    We've lost count…

    It seems "woah" is quickly becoming Naughty Boy's catchphrase…

  • Jessica Lester

    Slow but steady

    So far Naughty's got all the stars he possibly can! Will he be able to get all eleven up for grabs?

  • Jessica Lester

    That's NUTS!

    Naughty isn't familiar with DIY and asks Ant and Dec how to undo a nut and bolt.

    Three stars in the bag, though!

  • Jessica Lester

    Maybe Naughty needs glasses?

    It took him a while to find that first star – right in front of his face!

    Maybe he won't be getting any stars at all?

  • Jessica Lester

    No vote!

    Ant and Dec have had to film their links in advance due to Storm Arwen!

    So no public vote, and no going into camp tonight… Sad!

  • Jessica Lester

    'His journey has ended!'

    Fans think that Naughty Boy WILL leave after his final Bushtucker Trial.

    "Definitely leaving tomorrow. His journey has ended", one wrote, as a second chimed in: "After this many threats, he will have to leave."

    "Naughty Boy's new song, should be called I'm A Celebrity, and I'm leaving," joked a third.

  • Jessica Lester

    How many stars will Naughty Boy get?

    Your guess may be better than ours? We're going with a fair eight?

  • Jessica Lester

    Another Gillian McKeith?

    Fans think it could be. They haven't got much faith in Naughty.

  • Jessica Lester

    Well isn't that cute?

    David Ginola gave Naughty a pep talk – and we're obsessed!

    "Proud of you!" he shouted, waving from the camp door like a dad on his son's first day of school. Cute.

  • Jessica Lester

    Naughty Boy to face "Creepy Closets"

    Will he fare better than yesterday with the new trial?

  • Jessica Lester

    Bonding moment?

    They're singing Elvis' Can't Help Falling In Love – is it enough to convince Naughty to stay?

  • Jessica Lester

    Kadeena's got the moves

    The Paralympian showed off her dance moves as she "vibed" to the music created by her camp mates banging buckets like drums.

    "We could become the castle band," Naughty Boy said of their performance.

  • Jessica Lester

    Making music

    Simon tries to cheer up Naughty Boy by building a drum kit out of buckets.

    You know what? It doesn't sound half bad!

  • Jessica Lester

    Arlene and Naughty form a bond

    She doesn't want the producer to leave.

    "It might break me," she tells him after he explains that he is ready to "leave in the morning".

  • Jessica Lester

    Snoochie can't win

    She knows she can't force Naughty to stay – but that won't stop her trying!

  • Jessica Lester

    Danny and Matty aren't pleased…

    They think Naughty Boy is being "unfair" by ruining the "vibe" in the camp by continually threatening to leave.

    "If you want to leave, just leave," they scathed in a meeting by the bridge.

  • Jessica Lester

    'I can't go against my spirit'

    The music producer has admitted he "just wants to see his mum" after struggling to decide whether or not to stay in the camp.

  • Jessica Lester

    Naughty threatens to leave

    "I’m still planning to leave tomorrow. I feel like my journey here in the camp has come to an end. I can’t go against my spirit," he told the cameras.

  • Jessica Lester

    He's being a Naughty Boy

    Is Naughty having second thoughts again? Or third? Or fourth?

  • Jessica Lester

    Fans note a Covid flaw?

    Richard Madeley revealed he wasn't allowed back in camp for breaking the 'Covid bubble' on the show.

    But fans have been left confused after he sat with Ant and Dec on tonight's episode.

    "So if Richard isn’t allowed in the camp because of covid bubbles, surely Ant and Dec shouldn’t be allowed in the camp now because Richard has sat with them?" one asked.

    A second said: "Surely he’s broken the covid bubble why’s he sat with Ant and Dec?"

  • Jessica Lester

    Bring Richard back?

    They've taken to Twitter in their droves to share their heartbreak at seeing Richard back on set, but unable to go in the camp.

    Many are calling for him to be brought back in the next series.

    "Actually gonna miss Richard – bring him back next year," one viewer wrote.

    A second chimed in: "Petition to get richard madeley back in next year pls."

    "Can we have Richard Madeley in next year's series?" added a third.

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