Incredible private island on the Great Barrier Reef is on sale for £3million

The last 12 months has made us all reassess our living situations. We want more space, maybe a move away from the city.

But have you thought about taking your isolation to the next level and buying an entire island to yourself?

It could be a possibility. A stunning private island right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef is now on sale, all you need is a cool £3million.

Victor Island is eight-acres of stunning greenery, golden beaches and 360-degree ocean views. On the island, you’ll find a four-bedroom house, and a system of solar panels for self-sustainable living.

And it isn’t actually too isolated – if the thought of being stranded in the ocean makes you nervous.

The island is located just one kilometre off the coast of the city of Mackay, Queensland. You can get there on a ten-minute boat ride, and the island also has space to allow a helicopter to land. Because you need a helicopter to go with your private island.

Moving here promises an idyllic and peaceful life immersed in nature. There are walking trails, snorkeling on the shores, and plenty of fish on the private beaches.

Common wildlife in the area also include sea turtles, dolphins, and tropical birds. It really does sound like paradise.

The island has also been recently renovated to make it as sustainable as possible, so if you move here you really will be able to live entirely off-grid.

As well as the solar panel system, there is storage for 225,000 litres of rainwater and vegetable patches to grow seasonal vegetables, so there will be no need to pop to Tesco mid-week.

The site also includes a caretaker’s cottage – just in case you want to bring along some hired help.

Meg Sullivan has lived on the island for five years, she told 9 News that she has loved the lifestyle.

‘It’s the freedom of living on the island where you can do what you want, when you want,’ she said.

‘If you want to catch a fish for dinner you go and throw a line in.’

Obviously, £3million is a lot of money, but the price tag is actually lower than many waterfront properties in Brisbane and Sydney.

But, if you want to get your hands on it, you’ll have to move quickly. A representative from Sotheby’s International Realty has said that people are lining up to view the island.

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