Inside Chloe Khan’s million pound mega mansion as she makes over huge Harrogate home

SHE has completely transformed her own life and now Chloe Khan is transforming her forever home.

The 28-year-old purchased a huge mansion in Harrogate last year and has started work on renovating it. 

Chloe – who has made her millions thanks to her amazing figure – is secretly a massive fan of interior design and has made numerous plans for the stunning place.

The home at the moment features a huge hallway, bay windows and an incredible driveway with large palm trees. 

Discussing her new home, the mum-of-one wrote on her blog:  “I have been interested in interior design for a while and follow and love so many house pages on insta . I actually get bored looking at hot girls twerking and prefer to look at nice architecture sometimes. Weird I know lol .

“So I’m excited to now have a house page of my own . I have mega plans on this one so I really wanted to share them on Instagram away from my own page . Cinema , gym and spa , salon etc . 

“I called it the CK Sanctuary because I want it to be a stress free , positive energy ,blissful zone to go and spend time .

"Like a retreat , not just for me but for all my family.

"I want us all to have a key and just enjoy the place . So it is a place of peace and not a home . I am also doing a second property up at the minute which will be a UK base / home that I’m keeping private . So I am a busy girl at the min.”

The house currently has lots of beautiful original features, which Chloe is looking forward to working with.

She explained: “A new build house really wasn’t for me . Of course they are convenient and modern so I can understand they are great for a lot of people . But I really wanted something I could get my veneers in to.

“Big deep rooms and princess windows and that luxury old Knightsbridge Hotel vibe . The intricate coving and beautiful features memorise me still.”

While Chloe might not have got as far as she would have liked with the house due to Covid, she has started with little things  – like stunning new chandeliers.

She has also made plans for her dressing room and has ripped out the kitchen – but is yet to reveal the finished look. 

Chloe rose to fame during her stint on the X Factor when despite getting through to the bootcamp stage, she was kicked off after allegedly turning up "smelling like vodka".

It didn't end there, as she was caught up in drugs accusations too.

She managed to completely overhaul her life though and appearance by making some serious cash through webcam work and splashing it on surgery.

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