Is Big Sky's Legarski Faking It? Let's See What a Lie Detector Has to Say

We’re not sure exactly how Big Sky‘s Officer Rick Legarski survived that bullet to the head. And we definitely don’t know how he was able to run a human-trafficking operation with someone as erratic as Ronald without anyone finding out. But there’s one notion of which we’re certain: Legarski has to be faking his amnesia… right?

That’s the question at hand in this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), which finds ol’ Big Rick himself getting strapped to a polygraph to ascertain whether or not he’s telling the truth about not being able to remember his role in recent crimes.

We will say: Legarski seems appropriately shocked when the test administrator shows him a photo of Grace and asks him about shooting her with a bow and arrow. And his lawyer, Penelope, looks on approvingly from the corner of the room. Further, while we admit that everything we know about lie-detector tests we learned from TV dramas over the years, it doesn’t seem as though the graph jumps or does anything out of the ordinary when he answers the questions… which makes it seem like he’s telling the truth.

Meanwhile, outside of Rick’s room, Cassie and Jenny aren’t content to sit back and wait for everything to shake out, and a nosy paperboy ruins Ronald’s day in a big way.

Press PLAY on the video below to watch the clip, then hit the comments with your opinion: Is Legarski lying?

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