‘Is she embarrassed?’ Kate Garraway slams Priti Patel’s absence in Ukraine refugee crisis

Kate Garraway criticises Priti Patel's absence amid refugee crisis

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The UK government has received criticism over the speed and scale of its efforts to bring people fleeing the war to the UK, with access previously limited to those with family members settled in this country. Following a discussion with Conservative MP James Heappey on Friday’s Good Morning Britain, host Kate Garraway took a jibe at Home Secretary Priti Patel over her approach to the refugees and questioned whether she was “embarrassed” by her lack of support,


Addressing the MP, Garraway began “We’ve noticed that, we’ve spoken to you many times since the awful situation started to escalate [in Ukraine]. 

“James Cleverly has been on twice this week, Liz Truss almost weekly, Ben Wallace as well, all key members in this, but not Priti Patel.

The ITV host asked: “Is she embarrassed about the accusations of incompetence over the visa scheme?

“Why is she not seemingly front and centre?” Garraway probed. 

Heappey replied: “Well, I think that the fact that the Foreign Secretary, The Minister for Europe, the Defence Secretary and the Minister Of The Armed Forces have been the most frequent contributors to your show is probably a reflection of the fact that this is an acute moment for foreign and defence policy challenges. 

Garraway pushed back: “It’s also an acute humanitarian crisis that our viewers have been really keen to get involved in. 

“They come under the space of the Home Secretary,” she added.

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