Is 'The Resident' Canceled or Renewed for Season 3 on Fox?

If you’re a fan of ABC’s top-notch medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, there are a handful of other shows you should be watching! NBC’s New Amsterdam is looking rather promising with its hard-hitting protagonist. ABC’s The Good Doctor is another excellent choice as the source material is out of this world! Perhaps you’ve given both of these a try and they aren’t quite your speed. Enter — Fox’s stab at the medical genre, The Resident. 

What is ‘The Resident’ about?

So what’s this medical drama all about? The series’ has a pretty similar outline to Grey’s Anatomy as it follows a group of doctors tackling both personal and professional problems for our amusement. The show also dives into the dirty underhanded world of the hospital system. With a focus on ethical debates, corruption, and the influence money has in hospitals; The Resident looks like the perfect mix of Grey’s Anatomy and New Amsterdam with another layer of depth.

Instead of counting on crazy storylines to keep things fresh, the show uses commentary on ethics to keep things moving along. The cast is great, the cases are fantastic, and the show itself is addicting. If you weren’t able to catch the episodes when they aired, Hulu has the first two seasons available for streaming!

How has ‘The Resident’ done so far?

According to Rotten Tomatoes, The Resident actually isn’t all that great if you are looking at the critics scoring. Only the first season has been rated so far and it got a disappointing 59%. The critics’ consensus? “With sporadic amusement and a handful of decent performances, The Resident​ drifts between medical melodrama and hospital horror with often unintentionally funny results.” While the critics seem to be on the fence about this one, the audience was a lot happier, giving the show an average score of 85% across both seasons.

Don’t let that keep you from watching it, though! A quick Google search shows that the series has a pretty impressive 7.5/10 on IMDB, a 4.4/5 on Facebook, and an 8.1/10 on On top of that, 97% of Google users had positive things to say about the series.

Oh, and the show has been nominated twice during its short time on ABC. In 2018 it was nominated for Choice Breakout TV Show during the Teen Choice Awards. In 2019, Evan Whitten was nominated for Guest Starring Young Actor during the Young Artists Awards. While it didn’t land either award, it shows that the series definitely has some potential.

Will ‘The Resident’ be renewed for a third season?

While the critics on Rotten Tomatoes may be hating on The Resident, fans of the show were rooting for a renewal after the end of the second season. Thankfully the show will be returning for an encore! The second season leaves off with the final episode, The Unbefriended, which aired earlier this month. 

The finale features a John Doe who comes in with a brain bleed. The critical decision: Do they treat him despite not having insurance info? Bell eventually clears the surgery, the guy recovers and he finally clears the air about his identity. Mina’s ex makes an appearance with a new bae which of course throws in quite a bit of drama. Jessie manages to get a heart transplant thanks to Nic convincing Kyle, but then something terrible happens. We either end up losing Kyle or Jessie.

Another pivotal moment, one that’s going to really show out in the next season, is the offer that Bell received to sell the hospital. A decision wasn’t made before the credits rolled, so it looks like the upcoming season will kick off with Bell’s big decision and the big reveal over who passes away.

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