‘It was serious’ Paris Fury broke down as newborn rushed off ‘unresponsive’

Loose Women: Paris Fury details trip to ICU with new baby

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Paris Fury, who welcomed baby girl Athena into the world earlier this year with her husband Tyson Fury, recalled her traumatic arrival in a candid appearance on Wednesday’s Loose Women. The 31-year-old opened up to ITV viewers on how Athena had to be rushed off to hospital and became “unresponsive”. 

Speaking with the Loose Women panel about Athena’s birth, the mum-of-six explained: “Everything was seemingly perfect. 

“I had a lovely birth and everything was fine, she came out 6lb 10oz and all healthy, and then after a couple of hours, we found out something wasn’t right. 

“Tyson was holding the baby – he said, ‘Something’s not right,’ and we got the nurses in and they said, ‘Her heart rate’s at 300 beats per minute and it’s something called SVT’ – apparently it’s very common in young babies.” 

But baby Athena had to be rushed to the hospital to be treated by doctors in the intensive care unit. 

Paris added: “We didn’t really know what to expect, she got rushed off to ICU and I couldn’t even go as I was still numb on the bed and I couldn’t leave with her. 

“So Tyson followed her through and when I went in she was getting ventilated and it was a serious, serious condition and she needed to be blue-lighted to hospital.”

Paris, who has been with Tyson since she was 16 years old, said they spent the next two weeks trying to figure out what was happening to their newborn. 

Reflecting on how poorly Athena was, Paris said: “She was in my arms and she just stopped breathing – she became unresponsive.

“I screamed for the nurses because she wasn’t connected to any of the machines anymore. 

“The nurses came running in and they ripped her off my arms and put her on the bed. 

“They pressed the buzzer and all the doctors came flooding in and they started to resuscitate her.”

Pairs called Tyson who was training for a boxing match at the time so he would be by her side at the hospital. 

“I just broke down and screamed, ‘She’s dying, she’s dying’, and it looked that way,” Paris emotionally explained. 

“So they ventilated her again and she just had to get better – she had to get better on her own.”

To their relief, Athena did manage to recover and Paris told ITV viewers her daughter’s happy and healthy. 

“But it was such a scary two weeks as you just don’t expect it with your six children as I’ve always had healthy kids and good births,” she added.

“To be blue-lighted and taken to hospital to have a baby was so scary.”

When the star was asked if the traumatic experience with Athena has “put her off” from having another child, Paris said there was no reason any similar would happen again.

She said: “It was a one-off event, there is no reason to expect this being the case again, but it was the first time in my life I ever wanted to be cut in half and split in two. 

“I had the kids at home upset and worried for baby Athena and [me] wondering what was going on. 

She explained how she and Tyson spent a full two weeks in the intensive care unit by Athena’s side until she recovered and credited the hospital staff for their support. 

Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV. 

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