James May admits he clashes with show bosses over Our Man in Italy ‘Have a terrible time’

James May says he’s ‘hopeless’ at canoe polo

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Last month, The Grand Tour host James May made his return with his new Amazon Prime series, Our Man in Italy. Following the success of his first series, Our Man in Japan, James took a trip across the pond where he took part in a number of challenges. The 59-year-old tried his hand at cheese making to playing polo in a canoe, however, it’s safe to say the host wasn’t keen on taking part in all the tasks.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk and other press, James admitted he has to compromise with the producers about the challenges he does on the show.

The former Top Gear presenter said if he had his way, he would visit museums, art galleries and spas.

When asked about refusing to take part in something bosses have asked him to do, James began: “Oh, God yeah, all the time.

“This is how we construct the show, I always say ‘I’d like to do this, this and this’ and they rather begrudgingly allow me to do those things, but then the crew and producers come up with some surprises.”

“It just makes better tele if I don’t know what is coming up,” he added.

“If I was left to my own devices, I would do craft, art, I’d look at some famous buildings and I would explore some spas.

“The crew and producers basically want me to basically be uncomfortable, dress, up have a terrible time and hurt myself.”

The car enthusiast went on to recall one “really embarrassing” moment he had to film.

He admitted that he doesn’t think the entire scene made the final cut in the series.

“It was some dressing up…” James began referencing the cut scene. “The crew like dressing me up for some reason, they’re almost a bit kinky about it.

“The bits that are in…I think, if you could have seen the whole thing, that most embarrassing thing would be canoe polo because I don’t fit in the canoe.

“I’ve only ever paddled a canoe twice in my life and that was many years ago.

“I didn’t really fit [in the canoe] and I was playing against a lot of 18 and 19-year-old women.

“To be honest, I felt a bit pervy… maybe because I’ve become a province of the woke age, but it just didn’t seem right.

“I looked terrible in the…not a wetsuit…those legging things. I just looked like a really bad ballerina.”

“That was the most embarrassing,” the presenter added. “It’s all fairly embarrassing…being on television is embarrassing.”

Despite the canoe polo, there were parts of the series that James rather enjoyed.

The Grand Tour star got to give cheese making a go, and he even left one Italian chef horrified when he came up with his own full English breakfast pizza.

James looked pleased with himself as he added black pudding and cracked an egg onto his pizza.

Another segment showed the host sitting on a yacht drinking a glass of Italian wine.

James May: Our Man in Italy is available to watch on Prime Video.

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