Jemmye Carroll Blasts ‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown for Wanting to Be a Mom

Jemmye Carroll, former housemate on Real World: New Orleans, has not competed in The Challenge since last season. However, she stays relevant by making her opinion heard regarding various shows on Twitter. These shows include MTV’s The Challenge and Teen Mom. This week, she went off on Hannah Brown, The Bachelorette, calling Brown’s primary goal in life “weak.”

Who is Jemmye Carroll?

Jemmye Carroll, born in Starkville Mississippi, graduated valedictorian of her high school before she attended Michigan State University. She and professional basketball player, Kodi Augustus, were in a relationship before she tried out for The Real World.

Jemmye made her reality television debut on Real World: New Orleans in 2010. Since then, she has competed in six seasons of The Challenge. Both shows heavily documented her relationship with Ryan Knight.

They first met in The Real World house and continued their relationship into The Challenge house before they broke up. Ryan suddenly passed away in November 2014, and Jemmye has publicly struggled to deal with the loss.

Fans love her explosive personality, short fuse, and southern drawl. Her personality also translates well across different social media platforms as she has over 143,000 followers on Instagram and over 117,000 followers on Twitter.

Who is Hannah Brown?

Hannah Brown, born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, began competing in pageants at the age of 15. She took a break from shows from 2013 until 2017. Then, she came back and won Miss Alabama USA 2018 and competed in Miss USA 2018. Hannah also graduated from the University of Alabama with a Magna cum laude degree.

She made her reality television debut on Season 23 of The Bachelor, competing for the affection of former professional football player, Colton Underwood. Hannah ended up placing seventh in the competition.

However, fans loved her bubbly personality so much that ABC selected her as the next Bachelorette. Hannah is the first Bachelorette that did not place in the top four of The Bachelor.

Hannah works as an interior designer and looks at her parents as an example of the loves she wants. She loves living life to the fullest and prides herself on being real.

Why does Jemmye disagree with Hannah’s life goal?

In the most recent episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah said her main goal in life is to be a mom. Jemmye took offense to this, and in a series of tweets called Hannah weak for not being able to “articulate another goal” for her life.

Jemmye continued that she’s only “judging” Hannah because that was her only goal instead of being something else for her to accomplish. Hannah has not yet responded to Jemmye’s comments.

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