Jenny is going to make huge changes to the Rovers in Corrie

The beginning of her tenure as Rovers landlady may have been blighted by her running Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) down at Christmas but Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) now has her feet firmly behind the bar in Coronation Street – and she is planning on making some big changes, not all of which may go down well.

Like removing the cobbles or adding an extra ingredient to Betty’s hotpot recipe, messing with the Rovers is dangerous ground but Jenny laughs in the face of danger and Sally Ann told that her character is likely to get carried away as she makes some bold plans.

And Johnny (Richard Hawley) and Kate (Faye Brookes) are unlikely to lend their support to many of them! Will Jenny manage to let her ideas sing? And how will the customers feel?

Meanwhile, the star revealed that is loving being part of history by being the latest owner of the iconic pub but admitted she often has trouble being in the background of so many storylines as it’s hard to keep up with how she should be reacting to the other characters as she isn’t always sure where their storylines are up to.

And there was us thinking just getting the head of a pint right would be pressure enough!

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