Jonnie Irwin perplexed by A Place in The Sun couple’s complaint ‘Too holidayish’

A Place in the Sun: Jonnie Irwin thanks guests for compliment

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After enjoying many trips together on Tenerife, sun-seeking couple Terry and Jen decided to celebrate their recent engagement by buying their very own holiday home in the south of the island. To help them fulfil their dream, A Place in the Sun’s property expert Jonnie Irwin was on hand. He tracked down five possible options for the pair, who had a budget of £150,000. However, Jonnie found it hard to please the couple in Tuesday’s classic episode of the Channel 4 show as they deemed one holiday home too “holiday-like”.

The second property toured by the trio was a two-bed bungalow in Golf del Sur.

The home boasted four communal pools, a private patio, a garden and a solarium.

It also included a modern kitchen and an open-plan living-dining room.

Valued at £148,305, Jonnie thought the ideal property would tick all of Terry and Jen’s boxes.

Showing the couple to the balcony, Jonnie commented: “So, an evening meal out here, or breakfast?”

“Yeah, that’s a nice space for eating isn’t it?” Jen replied.

She continued: “It’s great, but as Terry said it still feels a little bit… holiday complex, which it is.”

“Okay, “Jonnie responded. “Every place has a different feel.

“Let’s see how you feel about it after you’ve had a look around on your own.”

Turning to the camera, a confused-looking Jonnie remarked: “It’s funny.

“They’re after a holiday home, but this complex feels a bit too… holiday-ish for them.”

However, Jonnie tried to understand their thinking: “I know what they mean there, but maybe I need to show them something that feels a bit more like a second home rather than just somewhere to come on holiday for a couple of weeks.”

The next property was a three-bed townhouse in Los Abrigos.

It featured a roof terrace with sea views, an open-plan living-dining room and a kitchen with a small balcony.  

Valued at £161,016, it seemed to catch the couple’s attention.

They immediately placed it in the running and seemed excited by the option.

With options four and five not quite matching up to the third property, it was pretty clear what Terry and Jen’s final decision would be.

When the three met up again to discuss their options, Jen told Jonnie the penthouse home, the third option, was their favourite.

“It was the room, there was plenty of room and space,” she explained.

The couple made an offer of £157,500, which was rejected by the sellers, who asked for £158,900.

Terry and Jen excitedly agreed to up the price as they yelled: “We got a deal!”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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