Jordan Banjo reveals he’ll wed fiancée Naomi next summer after coronavirus delay

JORDAN Banjo revealed he'll wed fiancée Naomi next summer and their kids will be a flower girl and page boy.

The Diversity dancer, 28 – who proposed to Naomi in summer last year – says he's already found the venue and is "super excited" about the ceremony.

Jordan and Naomi will also be having their kids Cassius and Mimi taking part in the ceremony.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Jordan said: "Nay loves the idea of Mimi being a little flower girl and Cas being a page boy.

"It will be really nice to have them at the wedding because not everyone has children at the wedding, they normally come after. I’m super excited.

"Everyone in Diversity had kids after they got married, we did that the other way round. We’re hoping late next summer, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the venue.

"Nay today was like, 'we’ve got to book it'. We haven't seen it in person yet. Cas will be four, Mimi will be three. They’ll be a little older, I’m super excited for it."

Jordan is headlining The Kinder Masters of Play Festival, a celebration of fun little play ideas to inspire parents that mean a lot to their kids. The Festival happens on Saturday March 27th 2021 between 2pm and 4.30pm on Kinder’s Facebook page and at

But that's not the only child entertainment-orientated activity he's been involved with this year as he's co-written a children's book.

Alongside brother Ashley Banjo and Alexandra Sheppard, he will be releasing the Fly High Crew: The Green Glow in April.

It sees a street dance collective try to break adults out from the clutches of sinister aliens' mind-control beam.

Speaking about the book, he said: "The past year since the first lockdown was a real opportunity because everyone had more time, we mucked in, had loads of fun. It’s been a real learning curve changing bits and going in.

"Alexandra is incredible, took to time to get to know me and Ash. I really enjoyed the process."

The book will be previewed at the festival, with Jordan saying: "I’m teaching a dance class which will be a lot of fun, a bunch of activities, workshops, some really cool stuff parents and kids get involved together.

"To round off the day doing story time and a preview of mine and Ashley’s book. It should be fun."

Other than writing his book, preparing for the festival and his Diversity duties, Jordan co-hosts the KISS Breakfast show with fellow dancer Perri Kiely.

The dancer opened up about juggling his work commitments with his home life – and planning a wedding on top.

He said: "I’m not gonna lie, It has been a hard one. I’ve got the kids at home and I always want to try and spend as much time with them as possible.

"You’re up at three, you do the radio show until 10. Then you have a couple of meetings, some prep work, maybe you’re sorting out interviews, you leave about 12.

"Then it’s on to filming or a couple of meetings or rehearsing and then you get home, put the kids to bed, have a bit of dinner, you want to spend time with your partner.

"I want to spend time with Nay. At the moment it will be talking about wedding planning and after half hour I’m sitting at the table dozing off. Then I’m up to bed, up, and straight out again.

"So it is a bit of an adjustment, and there is a lot going on but it’s all good man, like I said I’ve been a bit more selective with the stuff I do now because I’m in a place where I enjoy and have some time."

His kids are also following in his dancing footsteps – much to his terror, as Cas keeps trying to backflip.

Jordan said: "My son loves to try and flip and it’s the bane of my life. He’ll climb on the sofa fall straight off.

"Not because he can land them or he knows what he’s doing. He likes watching Diversity, he lobs himself off the sofa. My daughter she’ll be standing next to me clapping and two-stepping.

"If they can keep up potentially they could be the youngest ever members [Diversity]. I’ll put in a good word with Ashley."

Jordan is headlining The Kinder Masters of Play Festival, a celebration of fun little play ideas to inspire parents that mean a lot to their kids. The Festival happens on Saturday March 27th 2021 between 2pm and 4.30pm on Kinder’s Facebook page and at

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