Jourdan Riane picked as new Love Island girl to shake up Casa Amor

It's that time in the Love Island series that all the stars come to dread – Casa Amor week.

The so-called secret villa has come back in play for the third year in a row, and is set to test the Islanders' relationships to the limit.

Caroline Flack will break the news shortly that half of the Islanders – the girls – will be upping sticks and moving down the road to Casa Amor, where no doubt they'll be tempted by a whole host of hunky new boys.

Meanwhile, the male Islanders will be introduced to a load of smoking hot new girls, among them Instagram model and YouTube star Jourdan Riane, reports Mail Online.

The 24-year-old British beauty has made a name for herself on social media, building up a fanbase of more than 280,000 followers who dote on her lingerie snaps and drop-dead gorgeous selfies.

The diminutive star, who stands at 5'4", is already followed by axed Love Islander Sherif Lanre and Coronation Street's Helen Flanagan.

She talks about being into fitness and tatts – meaning she could definitely be going in to pursue Tom Walker or the happily coupled up Michael Griffiths.

In a video she made talking about the 10 things fans never knew about her, Jourdan admitted she's into the bad-girl image.

"Tattoos and piercings have always been an obsession of mine, and if I wasn't in the field I'm in – and if my mum wouldn't disown me – I would legitimately cover myself in tattoos. I would pierce so many different places," she said.

"I would cover myself head to toe in tattoos and piercings.

"I've had both my nipples pierced and my tongue pierced, but my mum made me take it out."

The beauty also revealed that had she not built her career in social media, she would have gone into "either accountancy or child psychology".

She's brainy too, having studied six different subjects at A-level.

But Jourdan has a weakness that could cause problems in the villa – and it means the other Islanders will have to be careful with what they eat.

"I'm allergic to oranges and coconuts. I can't have coconut milk or water, anything like that – hospital, tongue swells up, can't breathe," she admitted in the video.

"Oranges do the same thing to me except with oranges I'll break out in hives."

Mirror Online has approached ITV for comment.

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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