Kaleidoscope fans issue warning over Netflix drama’s episode order

Kaleidoscope: Netflix releases trailer for new heist series

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Kaleidoscope became Netflix’s newest non-linear show after the heist thriller premiered on New Year’s Day. Although it quickly became a hit and spared a frenzy on social media, many warned other viewers about the significance of the finale, despite the randomised episode order.

Kaleidoscope took fans by storm as the uniquely created show quickly landed in Netflix’s top 10 list.

The star-studded show is the onscreen adaption of a true story which saw a group of criminals work together to gain access to a vault which contained $70 billion in bonds.

As a non-linear show, Kaleidoscope randomises its episodes to give viewers a different perspective which still made narrative sense.

But as fans binge-watched the eight episodes, they were quick to warn others about which episode to put on hold until the finale.

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In line with the show’s title, each of the episodes is named after different colours such as Green, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Violet, Red, Pink, and White.

The audience’s view of each character and the key moments will be dictated by which order they choose to watch the series in, out of 5,040 possible combinations.

Although streamers were assigned a different sequence, they were quick to agree that White should be watched as the finale.

Taking to Twitter, @McDixon25 shared: “Tips for watching #Kaleidoscope WATCH WHITE LAST (It’s the only rule).”

A third fan @Esper_99 added: “#Kaleidoscope all comes together when you end on white.”

@KarlNova stated: “I did it in chronological order but left the “White” episode ‘til last which is the best way to watch it. Nice twist.”

@berri_llicious warned: “#Netflix viewers can watch the show from any point! (colour) except WHITE, which is the last episode.”

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While many fans agreed to save the episode for the finale made sense, others took to Twitter to disagree.

As @Judzii_Beb tweeted: “Forcing us to watch White last makes this series 3/10. It was the absolute worst episode.”

Kaleidoscope was loosely based on the incident, the event took place during Hurricane Sandy in downtown New York.

It followed a team of thieves led by Leo Pap (played by Giancarlo Esposito), and the storyline is set over a period of 25 years.

As well as its randomised order, Kaleidoscope also created a stir after fans exposed a glaring blunder.

During Green, Judy Goodwin (Rosaline Elbay) tried to smuggle a SIM card into prison for her boyfriend Stan Loomis (Peter Mark Kendall).

However, she was caught by the guard and attempted to bride them with a One Direction ticket, which was when fans noticed the concert was scheduled for six months after the pop band announced their hiatus.

Kaleidoscope is available to stream on Netflix.

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