Kardashian fans share theory behind Kim's 'shrinking butt' after they spot 'shocking' detail about her skin in a bikini | The Sun

KARDASHIAN fans share their theory behind Kim's "shrinking butt" after they have spotted a "shocking detail" about her skin in a bikini.

Fans have been wondering why the Kardashian's signature big bums have been "shrinking" as they are concerned Kim and Khloe have become "too thin."

After Kim, 41, posted some stunning bikini photos on her Instagram on vacation alongside her boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28, fans noticed Kim's thin frame.

She posted standing next to Pete and stretched out striking a sexy pose on her paddle board.

Although in the post fans noticing some "strange details."

One Reddit user shared: "I don't exactly know how to explain it but Kim's skin has just looked more stretchy lately. Not like stretched out but more like elastic girl stretchy. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I don't know how else to describe it."

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Another fan contributed: "A surgery insta (who knows her shit) is speculating that they’ve gotten gastric work, possibly an endoscopic sleeve, because of the loose skin and sudden weight loss. The blogger herself has had gastric work, so I think she’s onto something. This family is so flippant about surgery (particularly risky surgery), that it wouldn’t shock me."

A third fan said: "Ok can I just say I feel VALIDATED because I've been saying for years that some of these Hollywood gals have gotten gastric procedures when they're already thin! In peasant world we can't get it without a high BMI and comorbid conditions but they can do whatever they want."

A fourth fan commented: "So has Kim had her stomach shortened (is that the word) just to prevent eating capacity? Is it really not enough to just pay a chef/trainer to keep you in line?"

Yet a fifth said: "Famous women for the most part are TINY. Not normal person but teeny. And I think to stay that way they get some extra help."

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A sixth posted: "I can't believe they would do that when they were already pretty thin."

Yet a seventh simply posted: "Holy… This is so bad. Wow, vanity."


In the vacation photo, fans wondered if they spotted a photoshop blunder.

Fans noticed a lighter spot of skin on Kim's leg.

One person asks on Reddit, "Photoshop mistake?"

Another says, "If I had to guess, maybe she was pressing her leg against something that left an imprint."

"It looks wrong and weird, but sometimes imprints can be like that," they continued.

Another wrote, "I think it's because normally we see her photoshopped so seeing any natural skin folds and stuff seems shocking in comparison to some."


It's not the first time fans have accused the Hulu star of photoshopping her snaps.

In a separate series of vacation posts, Pete filmed her slowly walking into the water while wearing a tiny black bikini.

Fans noticed that Kim's belly button appears to "disappear" before coming back again – which is a tell-tale sign of editing.

One wrote on an Instagram fan account: "Her belly button disappears and comes back lol."

Another wrote: "Damn she lost so much weight the belly button just straight disappeared did y’all see that?!"

A third posted, "Her belly button just disappears," and a fourth commented: "Lol little blurry around the tummy edges."

It's not just the reality star's body that got the editing treatment while on the lavish vacation – a snap of Pete also appeared to have been photoshopped.

Another Tahiti vacation photo shows a close-up of Pete on a boat, wearing a black collared shirt, black Prada sunglasses and a hat.

Fans noticed a recent tattoo on his neck has been photoshopped out.


In another series of Instagram stories, Kim and Pete ride bikes together while on the island.

Fans noticed how thin The Kardashians star seemed, who revealed she was wearing a bodysuit from her sister Khloe's Good American line. 

The black outfit showed off her hips, and the tightness teased cleavage from her figure.

Kim's famous family is reportedly worried about how recent weight loss. 

The KUWTK star has allegedly been juggling a long-distance relationship while dealing with the struggles of a single mother and running her businesses – all at the same time. 

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Back in May, a source close to the TV personality exclusively told The Sun: “Kim looks amazing, always, but she’s good at keeping how stressed she is hidden."

“She's the skinniest she's ever been and barely sleeping. Her family knows that a lot of this is her rebounding from a very controlling marriage, and her determination to show Kanye how much better she is doing without him.

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