Kate Garraway says Derek’s brain is ‘not his friend’ as he fights to get out

Kate Garraway detailed her headache as she explained "Derek's brain is no longer his friend" in an emotional interview.

The Good Morning Britain star, 53, had joined Michael Ball and Alex Jones on The One Show for candid discussion about every day life struggles.

While Kate's husband Derek, 55, is now Covid free, he still continues to overcomes the aftermath of the virus with many of his vital organs now feeling the strain and lasting effects.

Speaking about Kate's up and coming documentary, the TV presenter detailed what life was really like behind closed doors.

She said: "Derek is an extreme case. What he had is what is called a prolonged disorder of consciousness which means that there is some reaction.

"It is not like the coma we see in movies where people are lying in a vegetative state. He can open his eyes and before Christmas there was a lot of progress with words and communication and things."

Discussing how Derek's recovery process, Kate added: "What I feel is that I’m sort of on a lifeboat somehow and he’s coming up and down – sorry this sounds very sort of figurative but that’s honestly how it feels.

"You’re on this precipice trying to hold on to him, there will be moments when he bubbles up and you're right you'll have some contact predominantly on FaceTime – at the moment because of the Covid restrictions."

The One Show host Alex interjected: "That must be hard for you?"

Kate continued: "Well it feels like you're having to fill him with so much positivity because he's going to sink down and what you’ll see in the documentary is some of the better moments even though they are heartbreaking i’m afraid, where he comes up and you see what must be agony for him."

Derek was once a political advisor for the Labour Party before turning his attention to writing and being an advocate for mental health.

The news anchor went on: "He is somebody who both in this time before I knew him when he was in politics and also since in all the work he has done in mental health because that’s his thing now.

"His brain has always been his best friend and he’s lived on his wit and now suddenly his brain – as we all know controls his body – is no longer his friend and he's fighting to get out."

Last March, Derek was admitted to hospital with an extreme case of Covi-19, before doctors placed him into an induced coma.

While his condition has improved since then, Kate has explained the entire family are still very much on an up hill battle.

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