Katie Price steps out in just a T-shirt as she collects driving license application after three month ban – The Sun

KATIE Price steps out in just a white T-shirt and fluffy slider shoes as she collects an application form for a driving license, three months after her ban.

The 40-year-old was disqualified from driving in February after she was convicted of being "drunk in charge of a motor vehicle".

She doesn't get her licence back until May 24 – however, she has to apply for a new driving licence first.

She could be back behind the wheel in less than three weeks.

Wearing just a white T-shirt, with a black hoodie wrapped around the waist and a pair of fluffy sliders, Katie, 41, didn't look particularly worried about the task ahead of her.

She was seen leaving the post office with her form, and getting into the passenger side of a white car.

The mum of five also sported new long hair extensions as she swept her hair into a ponytail, and showed off plump-looking lips – although her boyfriend Kris Boyson, 31, denies she's had fillers, insisting the look was down to blisters.

However, Katie had a facelift, Brazilian bum lift and liposuction in Turkey earlier this month.

Police charged the former glamour model with being “drunk in charge of a motor vehicle” when they found her "vomit-covered" in the back seat of her pink Range Rover with her Kris after she allegedly crashed in the early hours of October 10.

During her trial in February, she tried to argue a "mystery man" was driving at the time it crashed into a bush, but the judge didn't believe her.

PC Jones, who found her, told Bexley Magistrates' Court: "Her eyes were blood shot and her speech was a bit slurred. Although she was sitting, it was in a slumped position.

"I could smell alcohol. In my opinion she was drunk."

She was banned from driving for a further three months and ordered to pay a fine of £1,500 – with the total bill coming to £2,425 including victim's surcharge.

Celebrating outside of Bexley Magistrates court, Katie said: "I was never drink driving. There was no evidence at all of me drink driving. I rest my case on that.

"I was convicted because I had the keys. I was given a chance of having ten points in my license or to be disqualified for three months."

She added: "It adds on to my disqualification that I'm already on which means I get my driving licence back on the 24th of May…which means I can go car shopping. Let's ban the pink car."

The other disqualification was when she was pictured driving in July 2018, when she was still two weeks away from the end of a six-month driving ban, which she had been handed five months earlier after being clocked speeding near her house.

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