Kim takes revenge on Graham after he betrays her?

Despite them being on a more level playing field these days, Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) really should know better than to cross Kim Tate (Claire King) in Emmerdale – but after he witnesses a spat between her and a struggling Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye), he steps in and puts himself on the line.

Megan is distraught at the thought of losing Eliza and going to prison after causing an accident that badly injured Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) while she was texting behind the wheel. Kim decides to stir the pot when she marches into the Woolpack and confronts Megan, hypocritcally telling her to face up to her actions.

As Kim’s snide remarks publicly humiliate and upset Megan, Graham watches, despairing at the way Kim has treated the woman he clearly still has feelings for.

Going behind Kim’s back, Graham heads to see Megan to straighten things out and he then makes a shocking gesture – he is willing to secretly pay all of her legal fees for her court case and help her stay on the right side of the bars.

Naturally, he wants to keep this quiet from Kim but when Frank Clayton (Michael Praed) walks in and witnesses the transaction – and even some closeness – how will he react?

And will news get back to Kim, prompting her to take a damaging revenge on Graham?

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