Kirsty Gallacher reveals shock tumour diagnosis after cancer scare as she's forced to leave GB News

PRESENTER Kirsty Gallacher has revealed her shock tumour diagnosis.

The former Sky Sports presenter suffered a cancer scare after discovering a lump in her ear over the summer.

She says the tumour – which turned out to be benign – has left her suffering from severe tinnitus.

It has has forced her to step back from her job on GB News.

She told fans: "During the summer I discovered I have a tumour in the inner canal of my right ear.

"Thankfully it's benign and no hugely detrimental to my normal life.

"However, the tumour has caused severe tinnitus which makes it very difficult to sleep.

"Sadly my 3am starts at GB News, compounded by sleep deprivation, are exacerbating my symptoms.

"I've taken the difficult decision to step back from my role on GB News while I focus on my health.

"GB News has been incredibly supportive of me and I look forward to returning to the channel as soon as I can.

"As I adjust to managing my condition, I will carry on my less disruptive work commitments and continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle and training so I can get back to my normal routing quickly."

Tinnitus leaves sufferers hearing a noise, such as ringing, which is not from an outside source.

It is unclear what causes the condition but it is linked to hearing loss.

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