Kris Jenner Gets Emotional When Kim Kardashian Asks to Take Over the Family Christmas Party

Kris Jenner knows how to throw a Christmas Eve party, but her kids thought perhaps an upgrade was in order. When Kim Kardashian pitched the idea of hosting the annual party at her home instead of Jenner’s, her mom got pretty emotional, in a bittersweet moment captured on the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kardashian West wanted to take over the tradition

Since Jenner has been hosting the Christmas Eve party at her Calabasas home forever, it’s a tradition the family honors every year. In a sneak peek clip from the next episode of KUWTK, daughter Kim pitches a novel idea — she’ll take on the hosting duties.

In the clip, Jenner notes, “Well, you’re a little tough on me, as far as doing the same thing every year. So I just don’t want to disappoint anybody.”

Kim breaks it down for her mom and hits her with a truth bomb, noting, “I just think the kids have evolved from having it just be your friends because it’s kind of like this older party. It’s like [people the] kids won’t even know … there’s literally people we don’t know.”

Jenner didn’t quite see Kim’s point of view, however, shooting back with something that appeals to kids: “There’s reindeer and hot dogs on a stick!”

Kim had some fresh ideas

Kim reflects on how the parties have been “the best night ever,” but it’s time to spice things up, noting: “Our Christmas Eve party was this fun party that I just remember being friends and family, my grandparents, cousins… and it was just the best night ever. But my mom’s been doing it so long that it’s turned into something different. Like, it’s kind of a party just for my mom [now] and mostly her friends.”

She added: “We want it to be a place that we can justhave fun. And it’s all of our friends, and definitely family and my mom’sfriends too, but a good mix of both. So we can have a good time and reallyjust enjoy each other.”

Kim suggests, “The time has come that maybe we switchthe location [of the party] and we have it here at our house,” adding, “We just have a different vibe anddifferent energy,” noting that “all the siblings” agreed to movethe shindig.

Jenner broke down in tears

As Kim throws out the suggestion, Jenner becomes emotional, saying, “So I’m outnumbered?,” adding, “Well that makes me sad.”

Kim explains that she doesn’t want to hijack the party, noting, “I want you to give us your blessing. I don’t want to just steal it from you.”

Jenner then explains how it’s difficult, but she does want to pass the torch, telling Kim, “No, I want you guys to be able to do this ’til you’re my age and one of your kids takes over. That’s the whole…that’s the joy.”

“It’s just the thought of actually not doing it at my house…It makes me so sad,” she says. “You’re making me cry, seeing you cry,” Kim says, as her eyes well up, adding, “It’s just a party.”

Jenner says, “I know, but it’s not just a party. It’s changing of the guards.”

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