Kyle Richards Thinks She'd Still Be Friends with Lisa Vanderpump If It Weren't for This

“I’ve never said anything rude about Lisa in the press,” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star says.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kyle Richards believes she’d still be friends with Lisa Vanderpump had she not confronted her about the dog drama that took over Season 9, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t do it again.

Kyle and series newcomer Denise Richards stopped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Tuesday night, where they discussed everything from their individual friendships (or lack thereof) with Lisa, to Denise’s first reunion, and everything in between.

When a caller asked Kyle if she felt she and Lisa would still be friends if Kyle hadn’t approached her about possibly leaking PuppyGate-related stories to the press, Kyle replied confidently, "Yes, I do."

"However," she continued, "we’re supposed to be honest and have an opinion, and I felt like I had to be honest in that moment. And even though Lisa and I have known each other the longest and are close, I’m friends with all these women and have respect for all of them, so I felt I had the duty to be honest, so yes.

"It would’ve been easier! Trust me," she added.

Andy chimed in, "She said that she’s not watching the show…"

"Well, she tweets about all the episodes…" Kyle interjected.

"Right…oh…well…" Andy replied awkwardly before asking, "Do you think if she had seen you on the show…"

"She and Charlie [Sheen] are watching together," Kyle interrupted as she giggled with Denise, who agreed her ex-husband was likely watching the series.

"You know they pretend like they’re not!" Denise added.

Andy laughed but managed to get his question out. "Had she seen the show, do you think she would have a different reaction to you, or no?" he asked Kyle.

"All I know is I was honest with her when I went to her house, but other than that, I’ve never said anything rude about Lisa in the press," Kyle said. Denise added, "You were actually trying to help her."

"I mean, I have nothing but respect for her, and I care about her," Kyle continued. "But I was being honest at that moment, and that’s it."

A caller then asked Denise if she had a friendship with LVP and wondered if her on-screen meetup with Brandi Glanville "rocked the boat" at all.

"I actually have no idea if me meeting Brandi rocked the boat, but I was just getting to know Lisa Vanderpump prior to her not wanting to be around any of us," Denise replied. "But if she ever extended an invitation to show up to one of her events or anything like that, I would obviously support her because I believe in a lot of the stuff that she supports, so I would be there for her."

Another caller asked Denise which was more "dramatic" — being married to Charlie Sheen or being a Beverly Hills Housewife.

Denise smiled and rolled her eyes as she replied, "Different situation. I love all these women, and I’ve had a good time, and I love my season. I really had a great time with all the women."

Andy then asked Denise what Charlie’s reaction to the show has been. "Has he seen any of it?" he asked.

Again, Denise smiled and rolled her eyes as she let out quite the convincing, "I’m sure he has. Absolutely."

The "RHOBH" newcomer spent the majority of the evening pulling up her dress to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, but producers took no chances and blurred her left boob.

At one point, while Denise was talking about her first reunion experience, Andy had to say, "Pull your shirt up."

"Sorry!" she said with a grin as she adjusted her top. "Sorry, everyone!"

Here’s what she had to say about her first reunion: "I loved it! Well, I started out loving it. It was much more intense than I thought. It really was… I didn’t think it was gonna take the turn that it did towards a lot of people, including myself, but other people, too. That’s what I wasn’t anticipating. It was crazy."

"Being a fan of the show that I’ve been for nine seasons — eight seasons, and then I’m now here — it was so surreal to see it in real time and be a fan and be there, but it was definitely much more intense than I anticipated," she added.

While Kyle didn’t reveal too much, either, she did say, "That was the longest we ever shot a reunion."

Andy blamed the "very long" "pee breaks" the ladies kept taking, which Kyle blamed specifically on Dorit Kemsley.

Other things that were discussed:

  • Kyle was mortified when Mauricio Umanksy got hilariously high in Hawaii because she kept thinking, "I don’t want my kids to see this!"

  • Mauricio was dethroned as hottest Househusband; 64 percent of the audience said Denise’s husband — Aaron Phypers, who was behind the bar — was No. 1.

  • Aaron’s "rub and tug" was from an older woman, and Denise feels he would have enjoyed it more had she been younger.

  • Although absolutely nothing has been formally discussed, Kyle said she’d love it if sister Kathy Hilton joined the cast because Kathy’s "one of the funniest people there is. She’s a practical joker, and she’s very, very funny. I think she’d be an amazing Housewife."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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