Law and Order OC: Viewers left shocked as Stabler reveals true identity

'Law And Order: Organized Crime' trailer for next episode

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Law and Order: Organised Crime returned for another tense episode, which saw fan favourite Stabler (Chris Maloni) at the centre of the drama. NBC streamers watched in complete shock as Stabler exposed his real identity as a police officer to Reggie Bogdani (Dash Mihok) after weeks of working undercover.

In his latest mission, Stabler was tasked with going undercover to infiltrate the Kosta Organisation and he did so by working for its leader, Reggie.

However in the most recent episode, titled High Planes Grifter, weeks of hard work and collecting evidence finally came to a head

After being arrested, Reggie was being questioned and despite the evidence of his crimes and involvements laid out in front of him, he still refused to talk.

In a desperate bid to close the case the cops made an unexpected move and sent in Stabler, which completely shocked viewers.

Taking to Twitter, thousands of fans shared their reaction to the risky decision.

HWood wrote: “I can’t believe Stabler revealed himself to Reggie. I’m shocked!”

Nycsweetiepie tweeted: “How is it that OC keeps me speechless the entire hour?!? Week after week. This show, OMG!”

Linda tweeted in confusion and highlighted the dangers of the cop’s decision: “Why is Stabler revealing his identity to Reggie? I’m confused. Can’t Reggie have him killed? I mean he does get a phone call.”

“I knew they were gonna bring Stabler in! I called it! You’re going down Reggie,” shared Casey.

After Sgt Bill Brewster (Guillermo Díaz) and Sgt Ayanna Bell’s (Danielle Moné Truitt) attempts to get him to flip on his bosses it only took Reggie to see Stabler for him to finally react.

Seeing Stabler walk into the interrogation room wearing a suit is when Reggie put two and two together, which resulted in his anger.

Despite being chained to the table he got up and flipped it towards Stabler who instructed him to sit down.

In a fit of blind rage, Reggie threatened to kill Stabler for betrayal as it would only take him to give evidence as a witness for Reggie to be locked away for his role in the Kosta Organisation.

While Stabler was undercover he was tasked with burning down a house, which contained the bodies of two members of the Italian mob, who were murdered by Reggie.

The undercover sergeant went ahead and did so, despite later getting into trouble with the Organized Crime Control Bureau.

Later Reggie was told to murder Teddy Garcia (Elliot Villar), a politician in the running for governor, however, it went terribly wrong, which resulted in his arrest.

As he was under the influence, he missed, accidentally shot dead Teddy’s wife Diana and was arrested for her murder.

Later in the episode, Stabler was testifying in front of a grand jury to gain authorization to take the Albanian crew down.

Unfortunately, Stabler could no longer use his testimony as the case was ongoing, but they later approved the officer’s warrant to arrest Jon Kosta’s crew.

In the end, the officer was only able to arrest low-level members of the gang, while the main criminals got away.

With the criminal masterminds still on the loose, Stabler could have a target on his back for ratting out the mob, despite being an undercover cop.

Law and Order: Organized Crime season 1-2 are available to stream on NBC.

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