Linford Christie wanted to end Seb Coe feud who he blasted for racism

Mo Farah and Linford Christie share a selfie at London Stadium

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Britain’s fastest sprinter returns for the final instalment of Channel 5’s Fishing Lochs and Rivers at 7pm tonight. He will be joined by an all star cast including Fern Britton, Les Dennis, Rosemary Shrager and Shane Lynch, as the famous five finish the enormous fishing trip which took them from the east coast to the west coast of Scotland.  The final episode sees the celebrities arrive at Oban, which is known as the seafood capital of Scotland. 

There, Ms Britton and Mr Christie join a sea-fishing tour in search of mackerel and anything else they can hook.

Then, the group will sail further west to the Isle of Mull to eat some fish on a beach.

Mr Christie is the only British man to win gold in an Olympic, World, Commonwealth and European 100 metres, but was banned for doping by the British Olympic Association in 1999.

Despite being in semi-retirement the sprinter was found to have used record levels of the steroid nandrolone at an indoor meeting in Germany.

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Indeed, upon his positive test, Mr Christie’s found himself in a feud with former friend and Team GB teammate of six years, Lord Coe, who wrote a scathing article about the sprinter.

Lord Coe had campaigned throughout his career against drugs, whilst the pair had a public fallout which included a row live on a radio phone in. 

Yet in 2006, the Barcelona 100m Olympic champion said he would be prepared to patch things up with Lord Coe, provided he apologises.

Lord Coe, however, responded by saying “I don’t feel I need to comment on this story.” 

The former 1500m champion incited Mr Christie when he wrote in the Telegraph in 1998: “I sat in one team meeting when [Mr Christie] made himself unintelligible to all those who had passing knowledge of jive. 

“If officialdom was to blame for anything, it was to turn a blind eye to his boorish behaviour and then making him team captain to buy some peace.”

Two time Olympic gold medalist Lord Coe also questioned Mr Christie’s credentials as a role model, citing a 1988 failed drugs test by the sprinter at the Seoul Olympics, which saw him avoid a suspension for by attributing the test result to ginseng.

He said: “Christie’s place as our greatest sprinter is unquestioned, but there has been controversy on the way. 

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“Some thought him lucky, me included.”

When asked about the “jive” comment in a 1998 BBC Radio Four interview, Mr Christie said: “I took that as a racial connotation, to be honest with you. 

“Maybe Seb feels he’s more upper class than I am.

“Is Jiving a racial slur?”

Moreover when asked about the article Mr Christie said: “I was totally shocked by it, and he was totally out of order.

“I thought Seb and I were friends – I have nothing to say to Seb anymore.”

Watch Channel 5’s Fishing Scotland’s Lochs and Rivers at 7pm tonight.

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