Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall reveals she’s drank 18 bottles of wine and is taking CBD oil to cope with anxiety – The Sun

LITTLE Mix star Jade Thirlwall has revealed she’s drank 18 bottles of wine and is taking CBD oil to cope with anxiety as she opens up about the struggles of lockdown.

The singer shared her thoughts in a powerful poem – titled ‘Lockdown Word Vomit’ – on Instagram, and told fans that she is “plagued with anxiety through the night”.

Jade, 27, writes: “I lay awake overthinking, plagued with anxiety through the night. I read books. Hug crystals. CBD oil and hot baths and place lavender on every pillow hoping to soothe my frantic mind.”

Jade goes on to question who she is in the candid post.

She says: “Does anyone like me for who I am or WHO I am? Am I enough? F*** it. Yeah, I think I am. Like everyone I guess I’m just doing the best I can.”

The star shares her hopes for “the next generation”.

She writes: “For every rainbow sign I feel a little hope for the next generation.

“Here’s hoping kids will learn from this how to be a better nation.”

Jade is reflecting on what matters most during lockdown – and that’s her family and friends.

One thing the brunette – who has been single for a year since breaking up with The Struts bassist Jed Elliott – isn’t missing is men.

Jade told The Mirror: ““We have been on the apps where you swipe along at people, and are having a laugh looking at everyone, no offence.

“But the banter’s not quite there. Not the best at the ­minute, dating-wise for me. I can’t be bothered.

“I’d rather sit and do ­nothing than have to sit and chinwag with a stranger.

“The three of us keep ­saying how we should be ­doing more, but can’t be bothered to strike up a convo with anyone.”


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