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LOCATION, Location, Location fans all had the same complaint about a 'horrible' house – raging 'this is mad!'

The latest episode of the Channel 4 show saw Phil Spencer try and help couple Priti and Shakti find their first family home.

The couple have a young son together and currently lived in a one-bedroom flat in Islington, London.

They were keen to move out to the commuter towns around London, and had a budget of £500,000.

The first property Phil took them to was a terraced house close to a station in Watford.

The two-bedroomed property as on the market for £440,000, which was £60,000 under their budget.

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However, some viewers were appalled by the price tag on the property and took to Twitter to comment.

One wrote: "#locationlocationlocation a "starter home" … in Watford … for half a fkng million pounds ? This is mad !"

Another added: "It is clear Location Location Location will be the spark which causes the next civil war.

"Marching people round a miserable two bed needing ‘work’ while declaring half a million pounds is a bargain isn’t an advert for our current system…@C4Locations #locationlocationlocation."

A third tweeted: "£440,000 ? for a house in s***ty Watford ?!!!! 😲#locationlocationlocation."

Meanwhile a fourth shared a picture of Declan Donnelly wide-eyed with shock and wrote alongside it: "Nee Way , Man!!
Everyone from the North East looking at an ugly house in Watford for half a million 😃 #locationlocationlocation."

In the end, the couple liked a second property, a larger two bedroom house in Hatfield on the market for £475,000.

With other buyer offers on the table, the couple decided to offer £480,000 to secure it, and the seller accepted.

Location, Location, Location airs Wednesdays at 8pm on Channel 4 and is available on All 4.

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